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It's Almost PB&J Day
April 2nd

PB&J Day MemeMark Hawthorne (author of Bleating Hearts, Striking at the Roots, and A Vegan Ethic on pre-order) blogs about National PB&J Day, including
A Well-Fed World's annual PB&J Campaign.

Read Mark's PB&J Day blog post here.

In addition to school and community events (like the students in Peru pictured here), you can help spread the word by sharing our Facebook meme (also pictured here).

Fun... friendly... powerful...

PB&J Campaign - PeruIf one meat meal a day is replaced, that's 7 meals a week (more than twice as many as day-based campaigns). Combine with Meatout Mondays, and that's almost 50% vegan meals.  

Vegan dietician, Ginny Messina, RD, calls the peanut butter sandwich "a great tool for helping new vegans make the transition. It’s an easy answer to travel challenges and a quick option for meeting protein needs, especially for those whose palates aren’t especially adventurous."

NEW - Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale Website
April 15-30th

Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale LogoWe are excited to launch the new website for the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale!

In addition to the main event, we encourage people to hold vegan bakes sales year-round to raise funds and awareness for their favorite cause.

There's still time to organize a bake sale during this year’s official event. Please register online or email us, so we can count you in.
We also encourage the easy option of simply baking vegan treats to give away for free at work, school, or in a community group. For best results, pair with vegan literature.

Vegan Bake Sale - Germany. BremenVisit our new website for bake sale tips, recipes, tips for non-bakers, free literature, t-shirtschecklist.

Keep current with us and help spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.

Special thanks to VEBU in Germany for making this year the best yet in Europe! Pictured here is a group in Bremen that raised 1200 Euros for the oceans.


Sustainable Keys Global Grants - MATCHED

Global Grants LogoWe continue to empower vegan advocacy and direct care for people and animals through our Global Grants program.

In the first quarter of 2016 alone, we've distributed more than 65 grants. See more details, including how to apply.

Want to help? 

Donate to your favorite group and we will MATCH it! Restrictions apply - email for details.


  1. Albany Vegan Network - VegFest Event Sponsorship
  2. And-Hof Sanctuary for Farm Animals - Animal Rescue and Vegan Outreach
  3. Animal Liberation South Australia - Animal advocacy and Outreach - Australia
  4. Animals United Movement (AUM Films) - "What the Health" Documentary
  5. Animals Voice - Online Vegan Magazine
  6. Beautiful U Yes U - Food Pantry & Outreach
  7. Better Health Better Life - Vegan Food and Community Education
  8. Big Fat Vegan Radio - Vegan Advocacy and Outreach
  9. Bite Size Vegan - Online Vegan Advocacy
  10. Black Vegans Rock - Online Vegan Advocacy
  11. C.A.L.F. Sanctuary - Dukes Place Called Home Campaign
  12. Chillis on Wheels - Vegan Feeding Program
  13. Compassion Actions Project - Vegan Food Pantry
  14. Delicious TV - Vegan Cooking Show
  15. DJ Cavem Organic Gardener - Vegan Advocacy to Youth
  16. Driftwood Magazine - Vegan Magazine Printing & Distribution
  17. Earthling Liberation Kollective - Distribution of Vegan/Justice Publication - Canada
  18. EDEN Skopje - Vegan Earth Day Event - Macedonia
  19. Ethical Choices Program - Humane Education and Vegan Advocacy
  20. Eugene Veg Education Network (EVEN) - Vegan Education and Outreach
  21. Factory Farming Awareness Coalition - Oakland Veg Week
  22. Faun Accion Education - Vegan Conference and Education - Mexico
  23. Food Empowerment Project - Food Justice Advocacy
  24. Food For Life Global - Emergency Feeding Programs
  25. Food Not Bombs - Vegan Food Shares & Farm Training
  26. Global Conservation Group - Animal Protection Campaigns
  27. Grow Where You Are - Veganic Farming and Feeding
  28. Karuna Society Sanctuary - Care for Rescued Farm Animals
  29. Help Animals India - Farm Animal Care & Rescue - India
  30. Hip Hop Green Dinners - Vegan Youth Outreach Tour
  31. Humane League Baltimore - VegFest Sponsorship
  32. Humane Society of Louisiana - Vegan for a Day Event
  33. International Fund for Africa - Vegan School Lunch Program - Ethiopia
  34. International Vegetarian Union - Meatless Mondays - Benin
  35. Intersectional Justice Conference - Sponsorship, Scholarships, and Videography
  36. Love 'n Light Wellness - Vegan Food Donation for People in Need
  37. Microsanctuary Movement - Training and Farm Animal Care
  38. Middleway Forest Farm - Vegan Permaculture Plant Nursery
  39. Mother & Child Center - Vegan Food and Farming - Ethiopia
  40. Nutrition Facts - Dr. Greger's Online Vegan Nutrition Education
  41. Occupy for Animals - Online Vegan Advocacy - Luxembourg
  42. Open the Cages Alliance - Vegan Living Program
  43. Our Hen House - Educational Podcasts & Outreach
  44. Pasado's Safe Haven - Farm Animal Care and Rescue
  45. Peace Advocacy Network (PAN) - Vegan Pledge Programs
  46. Peaceful Fields Sanctuary - Farm Animal Care and Rescue
  47. Plant Based Foods Association - Trade Group Seed Funding
  48. Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary - Run for Animals Race Sponsorship
  49. Responsible Eating And Living (REAL) - Vegan Advocacy & Outreach
  50. Sacramento Vegetarian Society - Vegan Chef Challenge
  51. Sage Gardeners - Food Gardens in Senior Communities
  52. Save Ex-Battery Hens Campaign - Medical Care for Rescued Hens - Norway
  53. Sistah Vegan Project - Online Conference Outreach
  54. Tallahassee Vegetarian Community - North Florida VegFest Sponsorship
  55. Tofu Magazine - The Book of T.O.F.U. Support and Promotion
  56. Triangle Chance for All - Farm Animal Care and Rescue
  57. VEDDAS - Animal Rights Events - Brazil
  58. Vegan for Life - Vegan Earth Day and Outreach
  59. Vegan Publishers - Children's Vegan Book
  60. Vegan Roadie - Traveling Vegan Cooking Show
  61. Vegetarians of Central Florida - Earth Day & VegFest Sponsorship
  62. VegMichigan - VegFest Sponsorship
  63. VegToons - Creation and Promotion of Vegan Animation
  64. VINE Sanctuary - Conference Travel & Outreach
  65. V's Velvet Cuisine - Seed Funding for Vegan Cafe



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