We're thrilled to partner with VegfestUK on the A Well-Fed World Global Food Sustainability Conference.
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AWFW Global Food Sustainability Conference

AWFW Global Food Sustainability ConferenceWe are thrilled to partner with VegfestUK to bring you the A Well-Fed World Global Food Sustainability Conference in Brighton, England, Sunday, March 29th, 11am-6pm. 

This new conference focuses on food sustainability at the local and global levels, with particular focus on the negative impacts of animal agriculture.

Leading the global section...

A Well-Fed World Founding Director Dawn Moncrief will discuss the negative impact of animal-sourced foods on global hunger, climate change, conservation, and animal well-being. 

International Fund for Africa President and Co-Founder Dr. Anteneh Roba will discuss his organization's work in Ethiopia helping people AND animals. Their new School Health and Nutrition Program will be featured and a fundraiser will be hosted to expand this amazing school lunch program that is feeding some of the world's most impoverished children.

Brighter Green will be represented with a screening of their What's For Dinner? film on the increasing meat consumption in China, and presentation of their research on "Ethiopia's Complex Relationship with Livestock."



 UK Conference Speakers With population and meat consumption both increasing at alarming and dangerous rates, global food security (especially for the world’s poor) is increasingly tenuous, while the devastating impact of meat production on climate and environment worsens.

What can we do to meaningfully alter this trend? Conference speakers will address the situation from multiple perspectives and propose practical ways to achieve global food security and environmental sustainability.

Confirmed Speakers

Dawn Moncrief - A Well-Fed World
Anteneh Roba, M.D. - International Fund for Africa

Amanda Baker - The Vegan Society
Tony Wardle - Viva!
Mary McGrath - Food Cycle
Judith Smith - Buturi Project
David McAuley - Trussell Trust
Simon Ross - Population Matters
Grahame Mayo - Infinity Food Shop
Duncan Williamson - World Wildlife Fund UK
Allan Brown - Brighton & Hove Allotment Federation
Mark Carroll - Brighton & Hove Allotment Federation
Jarvis Smith - Phoenix Rose / PEA Awards / PQ Magazine
Kerry McCarthy - Bristol East Labour MP / The Vegan Society

Presentation Schedule

Local Section

11:30 – 11:40am – Kerry McCarthy – Introduction
11:40 – 12:35pm – 5-Minute Solutions to Local Food Sustainability:

  • Allan Brown & Mark Carroll (Brighton & Hove Allotment Federation) – Growing Your Own Food
  • Mary McGrath (Food Cycle) – Community Food Projects
  • Grahame Mayo (Infiinty Food Co-op)
  • Vegan Organic Network – Farming and Growing
  • Duncan Williamson (World Wildlife Fund UK)
  • David McAuley (Trussell Trust) – Hunger in the UK is About More Than Food
  • Judith Smith (Buturi Project)
  • Amanda Baker (The Vegan Society)

12:35 – 12:45pm – Amanda Baker (The Vegan Society) – Conclusion

Global Section (General)

1:00 – 1:30pm – Dawn Moncrief (AWFW) – How Animal Consumption Hurts the World’s Poor
1:30 – 2:00pm – Film (Brighter Green) – “What’s for Dinner?” (Rising Meat Consumption in China)
2:00 – 2:30pm – Dawn Moncrief (AWFW) – How Vegan Diets Best Reduce Global Warming.
2:30 – 2:45pm – Dawn Moncrief (AWFW) – Q&A
2:45 – 3:00pm – Tony Wardle (Viva!)
3:00 – 3:10pm – Kerry McCarthy (MP & The Vegan Society)
3:10 – 3:20pm – Jarvis Smith (Food Revolution)
3:20 – 3:30pm – Simon Ross (Population Matters)
3:30 – 3:45pm – Dawn Moncrief (AWFW) – Global Overview Wrap-Up

Global Section (Ethiopia)

4:00 – 4:15pm – Dawn Moncrief (AWFW) – Ethiopia Exporting Food Despite Ongoing Hunger Crises
4:15 – 4:45pm – Anteneh Roba (International Fund for Africa) – Helping People AND Animals in Ethiopia
4:45 – 5:15pm – Anteneh Roba (IFA) – Video and Q&A
5:15 – 5:30pm – Anteneh Roba (IFA) – New School Lunch Program – Join the Team!
5:30 – 5:40pm – Dawn Moncrief (AWFW) – Ethiopian Section Wrap-Up
5:40 – 6:00pm – Speaker Meet and Q&A


Other VegfestUK Activities

VegfestUK Brighton is a two-day event held the weekend of March 28th & 29th.

The festival will feature more than 160 vegan-themed stalls, a Food Village with 15 caterers and three bars, the UK’s first Vegan Comedy Festival, a Hemp Expo, a New Product Showcase, a Kids Area, a LifeWell Hub, dozens of talks and cooking demos, a cinema, live music, bodybuilding contest, LGBTQ social, free gifts, and more.

In addition to our Global Food Sustainability Conference, VegfestUK will host a Party Political Conference where politicians and delegates from the UK's major political parties outline their manifestos on the key issues of animal welfare, health, environment, and food sustainability.


Advance Tickets

Advance tickets are £5 per day and £8 for the entire weekend, and include access to all parts of VegfestUK Brighton.

Tickets are buy one get one free until Feb 28th.

Tickets are buy one get one half price till Mar 21st.

Children under 16 are free.

Get more details on tickets and travel.


Anteneh Roba Speaking for the International Fund for Africa
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