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Praying for Hazel ahead of her move.
Because Service Doesn't Stop on Sundays.
"As people of faith, our values call us to welcome the stranger, love our neighbor, and stand with the vulnerable, regardless of their religion. We pray that in your discernment, compassion for the plight of refugees will touch your hearts. We urge you to be bold in choosing moral, just policies that provide refuge for vulnerable individuals seeking protection."

Interfaith Immigration Coalition letter signed by COB Gen. Sec. David Steele and 2,000 other Faith Leaders

Executive Committee Meeting, 7:30-9 pm
Iglesia de Restauracion Pacto Eterno, 7-9 pm

Brethren Voices, 11 am, more details
Yoga, 5:45 pm in fellowship hall
Handbell Choir Practice, 7 pm

Kaizen Karate, 6:30 pm in fellowship hall
Refugee Town Hall, 7 pm,
more details
Community Choir Practice, 7:30 pm at AFUMC


A Brave New You, Shepherd's Spring
CAEC Prayer Service, 11:30 am in upstairs classroom
Iglesia de Restauracion Pacto Eterno, 5-9 pm


Book Group Sunday School, 9:45 am, more details
Worship with Scouts, 11 am, more details
Empty Bowls for AFAC Fundraiser, Sold Out
Brethren Voices, 6:30 pm, more details

Looking Ahead.

Mon., Feb. 6 - Board Meeting, 6:30 pm *Note Corrected Time
Thurs., Feb. 9 - Bible Study, 10 - 11:30 am,
more details
Thurs., Feb. 9 - Refugee Town Hall, 11 am, more details
Fri., Feb. 10 - ACOB Young Adults Gathering, 6:30 pm
Sun., Feb. 12 - Community Choir Singing, during worship
Sun., Feb. 19 - Brethren Voices Big Sunday + Lunch,
more details
Wed., March 1 - Hunger Buffet Mission Meal, Shepherd's Spring
Sat., March 4 - Volunteer at AFAC, 8:30 am
Wed., March 8 - Lenten Quiet Day, Shepherd's Spring
Fri., March 17 - Poetry as Prayer Workshop, Shepherd's Spring
Sat., March 18 - Art for Worship, Susquehanna Valley Ministry Center
Fri.-Sat., March 24 - 25 - All Church Retreat, at Shepherd's Spring


More Details.
Book Group Sunday School | This Sun., Feb. 5, 9:45 am
A new book group will meet this and the first Sunday of every month at 9:45 am in the library. We'll be reading, The Fire This Time: A new Generation Speaks about Race edited by Jesmyn Ward. The book is a collection of essays, memories, and poems dealing with issues of race in America. Our first meeting will be on February 5th. Please come having read the Introduction. Contact Melody with questions.

Refugee Town Hall | This Thurs., Feb. 2, 7 pm + Thurs., Feb. 9, 11 am
Join one of two town halls sponsored by Lutheran Social Services at the Lutheran Church of the Reformation (212 East Capitol, SE) to discuss the President's Executive Orders refugee and immigrant assistance programming, our community, and refugee families and children across the globe. We will also brainstorm ideas for collaborative action and review ways individuals can act in solidarity with those fleeing war and persecution. RSVP online: http://bit.ly/RefugeeTownHall and contact Debbie with questions or to meet up.

Decals | No matter where you are from, we’re glad you’re our neighbor
Immanuel Mennonite in Harrisonburg, VA posted a literal sign of welcoming love that has inspired thousands across the country. ACOB is making some available in our neighborhoods too. Only decals are left. Note that they include ACOB’s address! They are $2 each. Please reimburse Cindy directly who picked them up from Ayuda, a metro area immigrant aid organization.

New Office Hours | Thursday Morning, 9:30 am-12:30 pm

Church office hours on Wednesday evening are moving to Thursday morning starting this week. A big thanks to Alma for making this possible by generously offering to care for Marylynne at this time!

Bible Study | Thurs., Feb. 9, 10 – 11:30 am
Meet in the library for a new Bible Study on the Sermon on the Mount. Contact Pastor Nancy with questions.

Brethren Voices Big Sunday School + Lunch | Sun., Feb. 19
This month, Big Sunday School is hosted by the ACOB Welcome Ministry Team to feature the latest Brethren Voices episode on the ministries of Arlington Church of the Brethren. Children will do a lesson separate from the tv show. Join downstairs at 9:45 am to view the broadcast and return to the fellowship after worship for a potluck meal together. Please bring food to share. All are warmly welcomed. Contact Robyn with questions.

More Details | arlingtoncob.org/calendar
For more information on neighboring church, denomination and non-profit events listed, check the calendar at the above link or contact the office.

Volunteer + Give.

Refreshments for Fellowship with Cub Scouts | This Sun., Feb. 2
Our annual worship service with the Cub Scouts who share our building is this week. Please bring cookies and fruit to treat our guests after worship. The scouts and their families usually about double us, so we'll have plenty to share if everyone whose able brings enough for two! Contact the office with questions.

Disaster Response Auction | Donate by Sun., Feb. 19
The 37th annual auction will be held May 6 in Westminster, MD. Last year over $62K was raised to help victims of disasters across the world. Help by donating auction items or monetary gifts for the auction booklet. Every auction booklet sponsorship makes sure more of the auction profits go to victims of disasters. Sponsor levels are set at $10, $25, $35 and $50+, and you can designate your donation in the offering. Write checks to ACOB and they will be forwarded from the church. Contact Marcia with questions. For a list of needed auction items see the flyer on the bulletin board in the narthex which includes contact information for donating.

Food Drives | Donation Bins in Office Hallway
Keep the ongoing food collections in mind on your regular grocery shopping trips. Throughout the year, we collect whole grain, low sugar cereals to donate for distribution to families served at AFAC. Throughout the winter, we are continuing to support families of our building partner congregation, IRPE, who have been laid off from seasonal jobs like construction with non-perishables like cereal, beans, rice, and canned goods. Donate in the bins by the window in the office hallway. Contact the office with any questions.

Brethren Voices featuring ACOB

Brethren Voices
| New Episode! ACOB's Ministries
Brethren Voices is the TV show featuring what Brethren do as a matter of our faith. February features our very own ministries here at ACOB! In this first episode of two, Pastor Nancy is interviewed about the creative ways she leads us being church and in community. Watch in Arlington on Comcast 69/Verizon-FIOS 38 on Sundays at 6:30 pm, Wednesdays at 11 am or online anytime.

Worship Audio | Online 

Listen again to this week's sermon, catch a sermon from a Sunday you were out or peruse the archives. Each Sunday message along with a selection of hymns and readings is posted online or subscribe on iTunes.

Dunker Punks Podcast | http://bit.ly/DPP_Episode23

Sarah Ullom-Minnich introduces us to a 23-year-old battle for environmental justice in Ecuador and reminds us that inaction in the face of injustice is just as wrong as active participation. Listen by clicking the above link or subscribing on iTunes.

Pray. Call. Write.
  • Ralph, in room 215 at Manor Care on Carlin Springs for another week recovering from surgery for broken hip
  • Hazel, moving to Woodbridge
  • Jo Ann, starting a new health regime after recent procedure
  • Safe travels, for all heading home from the Women's March including Briana and her friends and the Gallego family
  • Jim + Jeannie Payne, friends of Robyn, Jim is facing heart health challenges
  • Charlotte, Amy's mom, testing went well and anticipating an early Feb. appointment to discuss next steps for treating a brain aneurysm
  • Orin, seeking housing and employment in Arlington
  • Anabaptist Meeting in Buenos Aires, check out the latest activity on Facebook to pray for a positive and lasting impact
  • Walkin-Haske Family, cotinued health improvments and ongoing health treatments
  • Marion, a year recovered and doing well after brain aneurysm
  • Dorothy Dodson's Friends + Family, including Marcia who shared a love of ice skating, theater and tennis during their close friendship. Dorothy passed on Dec. 27 at age 93 after a full life and recent diagnosis of leukemia.
  • Georgina's Family + Friends, Orin's landlord who passed just before Christmas
  • Pastor Mike, continuing to deal with liver failure and awaiting transplant
  • Jummai Paul, kidnapped Chibok girl and 195 others
  • Church of the Brethren in Nigeria (EYN)
Keep in your ongoing prayers:  Minnie Simmons, Dorothy Fravel (Dee’s mom), Theresa McCary, Erin Julca, Steve Shuss, Elizabeth Smucker, Carolyn Studds

Note: Prayer concerns will ordinarily be listed for four weeks. If you would like one to be kept on or added back in, please let the office know. Names in bold are new to the list or updated this week.


Worship Notes.
Paul told the Corinthians, "God has made foolish the wisdom of the world." In the Beatitudes we begin to see an alternative world-view form, not in asking us to take on the various states, but in offering consolation to those who find themselves that way. These alternative blessings help us keep hope, that the priorities of God's Kingdom will not always be last.

Listen to yesterday's sermon here: http://bit.ly/ACoBMessage29Jan2017
No matter where you're from, we are glad you're our neighbor.

Our littlest worshipers.
 Children's Church
Children's Church Children's Church Children's Church
Children's Church


Offering Offering Offering



Beatitudes Beatitudes Beatitudes

Pastor Nancy preaching

Praying for Hazel ahead of her move. Praying for Hazel ahead of her move.

Praying for Hazel ahead of her move.

More Pictures.
17th Meeting of Anabaptist + Mennonite in the Southern Cone
17th Meeting of Anabaptist + Mennonite in the Southern Cone17th Meeting of Anabaptist + Mennonite in the Southern Cone17th Meeting of Anabaptist + Mennonite in the Southern Cone17th Meeting of Anabaptist + Mennonite in the Southern Cone

"Es nuestro deseo como comunidad de fe poder seguir estrechando lazos entre nuestras dos comunidad, caminar juntos y discernir sobre los desafíos que este mundo nos presenta."

"It is our desire as a faith community to further strengthen ties between our two communities, walk together and discern the challenges that the world presents to us."

Luis Ma. Alman Bornes, Anabaptist Mennonite Church of Buenos Aires
From an email via Gary S. updating ACOB about the 17th Meeting of Anabaptist + Mennonite in the Southern Cone
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