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In this issue:
  • Spring Renewal Application
  • Maisin Honor Award Application
  • Fall Highlights
  • iTunes Question
  • Spring Internship Opportunities
  • Free Money (AKA Scholarships)
  • Emergency Assistance (Books or Tuition)
  • FAFSA and Dream Act Application Info
  • AND The Holiday Photo Contest!

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Pictured from left:
Wonderful interns Joselin Bautista, Tina Shao and
Education Advisor, Maritza Salinas!


Spring Renewal Application

ApplicationIconOrangeWho should apply?
  • Community College Scholars**
  • Supplemental Award Scholars
  • 4-Year Scholars on Academic Probation
  • Deferrals & Late Annual Renewals

Click here for the updated Spring Renewal Application. Refer to the application to find a list of documents required to be submitted for eligibility for your spring scholarship disbursement.

**Community College Students! Remember, you need to submit your application to the Education Advisor, Maritza Salinas, during your end of term appointment. Email Maritza for more information.

Emergency Assistance

textbooksDid you know that the Maisin Scholar Award offers emergency assistance? If you are having a particularly hard semester paying for school related expenses - apply for assistance! Two forms of support are offered: textbook purchases or emergency funds for tuition. If you have any questions, contact or view the application online here. There is no deadline for the application, but please note this is awarded based on funds available so the sooner you apply, the better!

Maisin Honor Award Application

Pursuing a Master's Degree?

Apply for the Maisin Honor Award, a one-time scholarship of $4000 applied towards grad school.

Honor Award Eligibility:
  • Maisin Alum
  • Received Bachelor's Degree before or by fall of application year
  • Will attend graduate school in 2015 - 2016
  • Cumulative 3.0 GPA
  • Must attend Award Ceremony (see application for details)

Maisin Honor Award applications are due Friday, February 13. Click here for the application.

FAFSA / Dream Application due March 2, 2015!

FAFSAAll students are required to renew their FAFSA or Dream application to receive Financial Aid. The application opens January 1st and closes March 2, 2015.

FAFSA is the application used by all colleges to determine eligibility for federal, state, and college-sponsored financial aid, including grants, educational loans, and work-study programs. 


We are currently interviewing scholars for Spring 2015 internships.


Internships look excellent on your resume and you will gain very valuable experience. The following internships are available:

  • Maisin Scholar Award - Education Advising Intern
  • PACT, Inc. - Junior Education Advisor
  • Huckleberry Youth Programs - Wellness Clinic Bay Area
  • Mission Graduates - College Connect Student Intern 
  • Mission Graduates - Extended Day Program Intern 
  • Mission Graduates - Volunteer Management Intern
If interested, please email your resume and cover letter to The email subject should be the internship you are applying for.


Interviews will begin promptly upon receipt. Please submit your resume and cover letter as soon as possible.

See job descriptions and how to apply here! If you have any questions, email

UC Davis Campus Visit

alex and kelsey
Mrs. Brunswick and Chelsea visited the UC Davis campus in October. We enjoyed lovely weather, yummy food and a great tour! Thanks to those who participated and especially those that helped plan and led the tour! 

Alex (Wei Jei) and Kelsey Stewart pictured here.

q&a with Zahara Docena

Below: A recap of Zahara's visit to the Maisin Office

Group Photo 3

How did you get where you are?

As a senior in the Computer Science department, you have to complete one semester working in a team with other students and a mentor in the industry. Our mentor was an alumnus of our department who managed a team at Yahoo. When I graduated and went to Stanford for graduate school for a Masters in Computer Science, I got back in touch with my mentor. He connected me with an interview for an internship over the summer. The team extended me a full-time offer at Yahoo.


What parts of your job do you find most challenging?

When I started here, I felt like I had to prove myself – that was hard for me in the beginning. I didn't know I could ask questions. Then I realized that everyone started out as a new college grad and they had also felt like me at some point too. They really were willing to help.


What do find most enjoyable?

My team is awesome; we're all around the same age so we have a lot in common and are at similar places in our career. We have a great team dynamic and often hang out outside the office. Yahoo also has great perks like free food and a beach volleyball court and activities like Oktoberfest.


How many hours do you work in a typical week?

I typically work 40 hours/week. If there's a huge project or a deadline, I work nights as well. There is a nice work life balance at Yahoo.


What would you differently?

I didn’t think I could get in to places like Berkeley and other UCs. So I didn’t apply to those places. I took myself out of the running without even entering. I would encourage all students to apply to anything and everything. I didn’t know if I would get into Stanford, but I did. If you are going from City College to a four year, don’t count yourself out, apply everywhere!


Education Advisor,
Maritza Salinas
Spring Office Hours
Wednesdays 12:30 - 4:30

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Spring Renewal Applications due:
January 31

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2014 Maisin Scholars Enjoyed their Care Packages

Theresa Atanoa 2Thanks, Theresa Atanoa, for sending this photo! 

Did you receive yours? We would love to hear how it brightened your day! 


$$ Scholarships! $$

money tree1. E4FC
This scholarship provides financial awards to low-income immigrant, undocumented undergraduates and graduates who attend school in the Bay Area. 

Deadline: March 2015
Amount: Up To $7,000

2. LA Tutors

This is a monthly scholarship! Do you have a cool project (blog, website, event, etc.) you have created? This is your chance to display it! See details on the site.

Deadline: The 20th of each month
Amount: $500

3. Abbott and Fenner

Essay Question: What are your educational, career and life goals? How will you achieve these? More details are on the website.

Deadline: June 15, 2015
Amount: $1,000

4. Giva Scholarship Program

Essay Question: How will you use your talents and education to make the world a better place for future generations? What are your career and personal goals and why?

Deadline: June 1st
Amount: $1,000

If you didn't see one in our list for you, remember, this is just a sample of the hundreds of scholarships out there! Check your university, bank and any other organizations you are connected with for more opportunities! The more you apply, the better your chances are. Here are some websites to check out over winter break:

iTunes Question!

iTunesRemember to like the Facebook page and then respond to the question directly on the page. We will pick the winner on Friday and email you.

So this issue's question....

When is the Spring Renewal Application due?

and... GO!
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