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Pioneer Activist Investor Has a 1,700% Price Target On His Sole Holding

October 7, 2014, 8:00pm EST 


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It's no secret that the Wall Street machine has been built to bilk the average investor.  The machine has been designed over many decades, and the barrage of Wall Street messaging has conditioned investors to fall in line, despite the glaring conflicts of interest. 

They've convinced you that you're irresponsible unless your pouring a percentage of your annual earnings into 401k plans.  However, they hold your money hostage, and charge you a massive haircut to get it back. And after the layers of fees that make mutual funds, administrators and Wall Street banks very rich, research clearly shows that you would be better off keeping your money, and buying Treasury bonds in a tax-deferred IRA.

They put brokers on the streets to hound you at every turn, enticing you to turn over your money to them, so that they can skim 4%, 5%, 6% or more off of your account every year.  And the broker (or "financial advisor") you are giving your money to, most often, has no training in investing.  They are salesmen.  And they have no fiduciary responsibility to you. Their responsbililty is 100% to their employers.  And their employers pay their brokers based on what they sell, not when they help their clients.

All of these conflicts have been well documented. Yet, the old model remains well entrenched.  And people continue to hand over their money. (note: everyone should see the PBS documentary on the 401k industry)

At BillionairesPortfolio.com, we are part of the effort that is underway to drive major change in the investment industry.  Our principals have over 30 years of experience researching and managing money for some of the world's most sophisticated investors.  And t
hrough the internet, we can share what we know, and give average investors the chance to take control of their own money. 

Online brokerage has made it easy, and cheap, to buy and sell stocks. And we give average investors sophisticated research and intelligence in a very affordable and easy to understand format. The combination empowers investors to manage their own money -- no need to turn it over to overpaid, underqualified guys in suits.

We make things very simple.  Our customers pay us a quarterly subscription fee, and we give them open access to see our carefully designed portfolio of stocks that are owned by the world's best billionaire investors and hedge funds - plus a lot more.  

Our premium research service, The Billionaire's Portfolio, is a hand picked portfolio of the 20 best ideas from the world's best hedge funds and billionaire investors.  We follow the world's best investors.  You follow us.  

We'll send you weekly emails with in depth analysis of these top ideas, along with very helpful perspectives on the global economy and broader markets. As a member to our Billionaire's Portfolio, you will have full access to our website where you can track our full portfolio and read all of our past research notes.

Sign up to our premium subscription service at Billionairesportfolio.com and invest alongside these Wall Street billionaires.  You can click here to subscribe...

As a bonus, we will send you the name of the beaten-down commodity stock that one of the best, most seasoned activist investors in the world has gone "ALL-IN" on.  

We currently hold this stock in our Billionaire’s Portfolio and it has all of the trappings to be the next billionaire-maker. Consider this: This pioneer activist investor has 100% of his fund in this stock, he controls 100% of the board, he has his hand-picked CEO running the company, and he has a price target on the stock that is 1700% higher than current prices.

The CEO he has put in place has cleaned house and has the company running, in the words of this investor, like a "perfectly well run humming machine." 

Join our Billionaire’s Portfolio service now and we will send you all of the details on this high potential activist-owned stock immediately.  T
he last time this CEO was put in place to turn around a metals company, he produced 20x return for shareholders.
Given the beaten down prices of commodities over the past year, and the nascent recovery, it's not unlikely to see some of these commodity stocks move 20% to 30% in a day, or 50% in a week.  

We follow investors that have tremendous influence in the companies they are investing in, and they are typically looking to make multiples on their investment.  
That characteristic is shared across our Billionaire's Portfolio.  Our stocks tend to perform like call options, with defined risk and, often, unlimited upside.

Invitation to Join Billionaires Portfolio

Back in August of 2012, we designed what we think is the best investing process on the planet -- and through the power of the internet, we get to share our insight with investors of all levels. It gives us a chance to help empower the do-it-yourself investor.

Our Billionaires Portfolio is the only service in the world that gives the average person an opportunity to invest alongside the world’s greatest hedge funds and billionaire investors. It's a concept we call "piggy-back investing.

Our process is pretty simple.  We follow the most powerful and influential investors into stocks where they control their own destiny.  When they win.  We win.  These investors specialize in the concept of asymmetric returns -- i.e. they only want to spend their time in situations where risk is defined, and the potential profit is multiples of what they pay for a stock.  And they happen to be right a lot.

But don't go out and blindly buy every stock a big-time investor buys.  We hand-select only our top 20 stocks to invest in, and to include in our Billionaires Portfolio.  

Subscribers to our service have owned Office Depot, a beaten down retailer that no-one liked. We added it to the Billionaires Portfolio at $2.50, following the lead of billionaire investor Jeffrey Smith of Starboard Value.  We exited at $5.27 with a double (read our entry note and exit note).  

We followed Highfields Capital into Genworth Financial  at $5.20 (see our research note here).  Our billionaire investor was pushing GNW management to sale its Wealth Management Group.  That created value for shareholders.  And that's the name of the game. 

Our subscribers also had a near triple (NVAX) and near quadruple in (SUNE).

While many of these stocks take time to play out, while an activist  investor  is executing a game-plan to unlock value.  Other situations can evolve quite rapidly.  In 2013 we had a stock in the  Billlionaires Portfolio that was acquired for a 90% premium in one day (STEC) -- we held the stock for just over two months. And another that was acquired, resulting in a 70% gain, with less than a three week holding period (DGIT).  This year we have a stock that has tripled in nine months.

In the links below, you can find our original research notes on a couple of these picks, to see how these recommendations play out from beginning to end ...

STEC Entry Recommendation
STEC Exit Recommendation

DGIT  Entry Recommendation
DGIT Exit Recommendation
If you haven't joined our service yet, don't delay.

If for any reason you find that the service doesn't suit you, just email us within the first 30-days, and we will refund your money.

We encourage you to join now if you are interested.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard.


BillionairesPortfolio.com is the only site that gives the average investor access to sophisticated hedge fund analysis and strategies, in an easy to understand format.

William Meade, Co-Founder

William started his career with Wood Asset Management. Wood Asset Management was a $1.5 billion institutional asset management firm and hedge fund, founded by Gary Wood, a former Goldman Sachs Partner and Harvard MBA. At Wood, William helped manage equity and fixed income portfolios for major university endowments, Fortune 500 pension funds and super high net worth clients (including 2 billionaire families).

Next, William was Director of ETF and Mutual Fund Research for Zacks Investment Research in Chicago. At Zacks, he worked with founder Len Zacks, a PHD from MIT, in developing and maintaining a proprietary model that ranked over 20,000 ETFs and mutual funds. This model was viewed and used by over 150,000 people monthly, and was published in US News and World Report, and featured on CNN, Yahoo Finance, and Fortune.com.

William received a Masters in Economics from Johns Hopkins University, including PhD level coursework in International Economics. At Johns Hopkins, Mr. Meade was taught by economists from The Federal Reserve and Department of Treasury. While at Johns Hopkins, Mr. Meade consulted for a top hedge fund in Washington, DC.

Bryan Rich, Co-Founder

Bryan is the founder of Logic Fund Management, a macro-economic and global investment research, consulting and advisory business. At Logic, he has advised hundreds of thousands of investors from over 80 countries on global macro investing issues.

Prior to founding Logic, Mr. Rich was a senior trader with Integra Investment Management, a 2005 nominee for Global Macro Hedge Fund of the year. He started his career with Traval, a family office macro hedge fund that managed assets for a wealthy European family. He has worked in London and on Wall Street.

He also consults as an expert in global currency strategy, and has run equity and economic research groups for a leading independent research company. He holds an MBA from Rollins College.



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