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Kent Clizbe

Kent Clizbe, author of

Willing Accomplices 


 and expert in vetting

Nailed Fake "CIA Officer" Wayne Simmons in 2013


Wayne Simmons on Fox FRAUD

Wayne Simmons: Fake CIA Officer
By Kent Clizbe                                                                                  December 5, 2013
I knew it within three minutes of meeting him: Wayne Simmons was a fraud. My friend introduced us because “you’re both former CIA.” Simmons was Fox News’ go-to-guy for commentary on intelligence and counter-terrorism. My friend, a military veteran applying his experience in media and writing, was excited about being associated with Simmons, a “CIA officer.”
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 Willing Accomplices

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Willing Accomplices is a MUST read for EVERY American. It is an in-depth, well- documented compilation of how our country became the target for Political Correctness and is being systematically destroyed. Kent Clizbe has the background and experience to pass along this chilling information. Certainly it is meant to open our eyes.

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