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Students at the Center Newsletter
February 2014
A round-up of the latest student-centered and deeper learning research, news, resources, & tools at your fingertips.
graphic_videos Let’s Get Real: Deeper Learning and the Power of the Workplace
Nancy Hoffman, Jobs for the Future
Educators today assert that “college and career readiness” should be the goal for every high school student, but “career readiness” is too often an empty tagline. What does it mean to be ready for a career? In this paper, Nancy Hoffman argues that, in a period when very few teens have access to jobs, high school experience must incorporate gradual exposure to the workplace. Learning to work and learning about work are major milestones for adolescent social and cognitive development. If deeper learning is the end, then work is a powerful means. The United States needs to make visible the strong models of high schools incorporating work-based learning, and establish policies at the state and federal levels to scale and support them.

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graphic_videos Civic Education and Deeper Learning
Peter Levine and Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg, Tufts University
This report proposes that the turn toward deeper learning in education reform should go hand in hand with a renewed emphasis on high-quality civics education. Not only does deeper learning have great potential to promote civic outcomes and strengthen our democracy but, at the same time, civic education exemplifies deeper learning, in that it provides students with challenging, collaborative, and engaging experiences. The report addresses evolving contexts for civics education and suggests a shared agenda, calling for new approaches in teaching civics that involve deeper and more collaborative learning, take better advantage of advanced technologies, are assessed in more authentic ways, and pervade the entire high school curriculum.

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graphic_media In the News
Announcing the Students at the Center Hub
We are excited to announce the launch of the beta version of the Students at the Center Hub: an online platform that will provide resources and tools as well as opportunities for learning and collaboration around the topic of student-centered approaches to learning. We hope you'll check out the site and send us your feedback!

Performance Assessments: How State Policy Can Advance Assessments for 21st Century Learning
Ace Parsi (NASBE) and Linda Darling-Hammond (SCOPE)
Policymakers, educators, parents, and students alike have long bemoaned the limitations of state multiple-choice assessments, recognizing that multiple choice bubble tests are at best insufficient and at worst counterproductive in supporting the learning demands of the 21st century. More states are therefore exploring performance assessments to better support educator practice and to reinforce student learning that is instructionally rich and cognitively demanding. In this paper, Parsi and Darling-Hammond evaluate key considerations and benefits to successful implementation of performance assessments. For more on the changing role of assessment in today's education landscape, check out A New Era for Educational Assessment from David Conley and Students at the Center.

Evolving Coherent Systems of Accountability for Next Generation Learning: A Decision Framework
Council of Chief State School Officers
To support the shift toward student-centered, personalized learning models, state departments of education play an important role in both signaling the learning outcomes toward which these models should strive, and ensuring that state systems of assessment and accountability enable, rather than discourage, these new models. This resource guides state policymakers through a series of central design questions and provides sample options to help inform the state's decision-making. While not exhaustive, this document provides state leaders with a starting point for considering how to evolve their current assessment and accountability systems. It is intended to spark collaboration and discussion among state leaders, their staff, and local leaders as they consider innovative solutions that improve student outcomes.

The Deeper Learning Planning Guide
Monica Martinez
This Planning Guide offers practical guidance on the conditions that have to be established for schools to truly change their practices to ensure students leave school with the sophisticated content knowledge and skills needed to be critical thinkers, problem-solvers, collaborators and communicators. The Guide is designed to be a resource and tool that can be used by district staff, professional development providers in addition to school-level leaders. The Guide addresses the reality that school transformation is an incredibly challenging task that will not work as a top-down mandate and requires time, collective effort, and a shared focus on vision and goals.

graphic_media In Case You Missed It
Previous Releases from the Students at the Center Deeper Learning Research Series
A New Era for Educational Assessment
David T. Conley, EdImagine Strategy Group and the University of Oregon

Assessing Deeper Learning
Rafael Heller, Jobs for the Future

To Improve Assessment, Invest in the Classroom
Heidi Andrade, University of Albany

The Role of Digital Technologies in Deeper Learning
Chris Dede, Harvard Graduate School of Education

A Clear-Eyed Look at the Promise of Digital Tools in Learning
Rafael Heller, Jobs for the Future

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Students at the Center synthesizes and adapts for practice current research on key components of student-centered approaches to learning that lead to deeper learning outcomes. Our goal is to strengthen the ability of practitioners and policymakers to engage each student in acquiring the skills, knowledge, and expertise needed for success in college, career, and civic life. This Jobs for the Future project is supported generously by funds from the Nellie Mae Education Foundation and The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.
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