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Students at the Center Newsletter
December 2013
graphic_media In the News
graphic_media In Charge: Student-led Conferences at Pittsfield Middle High School
See how one district in Pittsfield, New Hampshire, has implemented a system of student-led conferences that has helped students to understand their learning style and take ownership of their education. Pittsfield Middle High School reports a 90% parent attendance rate at these student-led conferences along with an increase in overall student attendance, a decrease in dropout rate, dramatic differences in student college-going plans, and a significant difference in levels of student engagement.

What Do Parents Want? Revisited (Infographic)
Education Week (Source: Thomas B. Fordham Institute)
EdWeek's Vanessa Solis and Linda Jurkowitz have created an infographic to accompany the Thomas B. Fordham Institute's research findings on What Parents Want: Education Preferences and Trade-offs (featured in the October 2013 issue of the Students at the Center newsletter). The infographic identifies strong core and STEM curricula as parents' top school priority and highlights parents' desire for their children to acquire deeper learning outcomes like critical thinking, self discipline, and communication skills. Learn more about the six deeper learning outcomes >
Neuroeducation: 25 Findings over 25 Years
Saga Briggs, informED
informED celebrates the 25th anniversary of the emergence of the field of neuroeducation with a list of the most significant findings in neuroscience education of the past 25 years. Be sure to check out the interactive learning strategies 3D brain map and the related Students at the Center Brainy Approaches to Learning infographic.
graphic_videos Featured Students at the Center Resources
Annotated Bibliography: Personalization in Schools
Students at the Center defines personalized learning as learning experiences that customize education to an individual’s personal needs and interests as well as connect the individual to adults and peers in a larger community of learners. This annotated bibliography focuses on youth-adult relationships as a critical part of an approach that prioritizes personalization. The bibliography weaves together core findings from Personalization in Schools with commentary on a set of current, text-based, and publicly downloadable materials that can help educators and community members as they attempt to foster those relationships critical for moving toward a truly personalized education for the youth they serve.

graphic_mediaAnytime, Anywhere: Student-Centered Learning for Schools and Teachers
Educators have argued that students should be at the center of learning, constructing new knowledge based on what is interesting to them, and receiving guidance in classrooms—or anywhere they may happen to be—from adults with whom they have positive relationships. Now, with the advent of new technologies, researchers are confirming the value of this approach by showing how the human brain and memory work in response to different environments, and how digital tools give students powerful new ways to express what they’ve learned.

Anytime, Anywhere synthesizes current research and adapts for practice key components of student-centered approaches to learning. We invite you to order a copy and encourage your colleagues and networks to do the same. Use the discount code AAAP13 to save 20%!
graphic_presentation Upcoming
Deeper Learning MOOC- A 101 Course on Deeper Learning
January 27 through March 21, 2014
Educators from around the globe are encouraged to participate for free in a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) on Deeper Learning sponsored by the HTH Graduate School of Education, MIT Media Lab, the Hewlett Foundation Deeper Learning Community of Practice, and the Raikes Foundation Middle Shift Network. This survey course will explore deeper learning and examine how it can happen more often in schools. School practitioners and others interested in encouraging more deeper learning in their schools and classrooms are encouraged to take this course. To learn more visit

On Dec. 9th and 10th, the Students at the Center team will be facilitating the first in a series of study tours for the Youth Connection Charter Schools (Chicago) to competency-based schools serving off-track youth. The first visit is to Boston Day and Evening Academy and will include 25 participants from 7 schools and the YCCS central office. Participants will learn about school structures, curriculum, and assessment in a competency-based setting. Additional YCCS teams will visit schools in LA, NYC, and New England in the spring.

graphic_presentation What We're Reading
Fewer, Clearer, Higher How the Common Core State Standards Can Change Classroom Practice

The Smartest Kids in the World: And How They Got That Way

Fewer, Clearer, Higher How the Common Core State Standards Can Change Classroom Practice
Robert Rothman
The Smartest Kids in the World: And How They Got That Way
Amanda Ripley
graphic_presentation Career Opportunities
Jobs for the Future is seeking a Senior Project Manager for the Students at the Center project. For more information and to apply, click here.

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Students at the Center synthesizes and adapts for practice current research on key components of student-centered approaches to learning and deeper learning outcomes. Our goal is to strengthen the ability of practitioners and policymakers to engage each student in acquiring the skills, knowledge, and expertise needed for success in college, career, and civic life. This Jobs for the Future project is supported generously by funds from the Nellie Mae Education Foundation and The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.
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