10 Books A Home Prevents Summer Slide

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Preventing Summer Slide


At 10 Books A Home (10BH), we know that an informed parent can make all the difference in a child’s education, especially when it comes to programs outside of the regular school year. According to research, low-income children start kindergarten less prepared than middle-income children, and over subsequent summers, lose skill gains made during the school year (known as Summer Slide). That’s why this summer, 10BH is helping its families keep their children academically engaged as well as making sure their children continue to build vital school-readiness skills. 


Of the 54 families enrolled in 10BH, 16 families have children starting transitional kindergarten and kindergarten this school year, and 38 families have preschool-aged children. Prior to our encouragement and assistance, 47 of our families did not have any summer program plans for their children. As of July 1st, all 54 10BH families have their children enrolled in a summer program! 


One mother called us to follow up on a previous conversation we had with her about the value of summertime academics. She decided she needed to sign up her son for a transitional kindergarten program through the Ravenswood District that we brought to her attention. To help her enroll her son, we gave her the needed contact information, advised her to make a trip to the district office in addition to calling, and gave the district a heads up that another one of our families would be applying. Later that afternoon, the mother called us to excitedly report that her son was accepted! 


This 10BH mother is not alone. Check out the numbers on our learners’ educational summer activities: 


  • 44 families are enrolled in a summer reading program offered in partnership with the Palo Alto Children’s Library. These families have set reading goals for their children and will be celebrating their accomplishments in style at an event hosted at the Palo Alto Children’s Library toward the end of summer. 
  • 10 children are enrolled in transitional kindergarten programs. These children will be participating in school-based academic programs intended to reinforce their preparedness for kindergarten. 
  • All 54 of our families will continue to have weekly lessons with their 10BH volunteer Role Models. This is the parent participation, home tutoring component of our program. The weekly lessons ensure that children develop school-readiness skills at a pace directed by them, and that their parents learn how to increase engagement as their children’s primary educator. 


We’ll be catching up with many of our families at our Family Picnic Potluck later this month to see how their children are enjoying their summer programs. We can’t wait!

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