TBS Insight Newsletter Spring 2015
While it's being used more and more widely on a global basis, TBS is gaining recognition within International Scientific Societies that establish recommendations for osteoporosis diagnosis and management. The ESCEO Working Group Consensus Report has just been published in May, and we are shortly expecting position statements of the ISCD.
Recently, TBS was also included as a FRAX adjustment parameter by the Sheffield FRAX Group.  We are dedicating this Newsletter as an educational tool for you to explore and learn more about how TBS and FRAX adjusted for TBS can be used in clinical environments.
Please enroll below for easy access to the FRAX Adjusted for TBS Compendium of Material

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One enrollment provides you  all of the following:

1- The IOF introduce FRAX adjustment model using TBS in a Press Release

2- WCO-IOF-ESCEO Congress 2015 Videos
  • Congress highlights presented by David Kendler 
  • FRAX Adjusted for TBS presented by Nick Harvey
3- ESCEO Consensus Report published in Bone in May 2015
4- New White Paper 
"FRAX Adjusted for TBS: Integrate Trabecular Bone Score (TBS) directly into patients' FRAX score and enhance osteoporosis management outcomes"
5- TBS Clinical Cases: TBS & FRAX Adjusted for TBS impact on clinical decision:
  • 65-year-old osteopenic woman - Treatment Category Switch based on FRAX Adjusted for TBS by Neil Binkley, USA
  • 57-year-old osteoporotic woman & selection of therapeuthic treatment by Andrew Laster, USA
  • Osteopenic women, fracture risk category switch with TBS & treatment initiation by Gerardo Aguilar, Mexico
TBS News
Download TBS White Papers:
  • "Advanced DXA Using TBS iNsight: A new bone structure assessment technique enhances identification of fracture risk"
  • "TBS iNsight: a useful tool to potentially reconsider patient fracture risk"
  • "FRAX Adjusted for TBS: Integrate TBS directly into patients' FRAX score and enhance osteoporosis management outcomes"
TBS Events
Save the dates of TBS International Tour 2015:
  • Hands on Bone Densitometry Course - PHDXA  10th July, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • JSBMR, TBS Symposium, 23 - 25 July, Tokyo, Japan
  • SIBOMM, TBS Symposium, 27 - 29 August, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Czech & Slovak Osteologie Meeting, 10 - 12 Sept., Brno, Czech Republic
  • 8th annual perspectives in rheumatic diseases, 18 - 19 Sept., Las Vegas, USA
  • Central Europe Congress on Osteoporosis 25 - 26 Sept., Krakow, Poland
  • ASBMR, 9 - 12 Oct., Seattle, USA
and more dates to come
To learn more about  Advanced DXA with TBS, download TBS White Papers by clicking here
To know how to integrate TBS into your practice, contact our team: contact@medimapsgroup.com

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