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Winter 2015 Newsletter
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Buddha Tokyo
Photo by Cora Edmonds


Listen to the Faith in a Seed talk by Keri Pederson 

For more information about the SIMS Dharma and Children group, click here.

Guest Speakers

Kamala Masters will be at SIMS for a dharma talk the evening of January 30 and a one-day non-residential retreat on January 31 on Integrating Love and Wisdom on our spiritual journey.

Residential Retreat

February 6-9 at Cloud Mountain Retreat Center with Tim Geil and Keri Pederson.
Visit Cloud Mountain for more information.

KM Groups
For more information about KM groups and how to become a co-facilitator, click here.

The Pali word for "generosity," dana is what makes the work of SIMS possible.  To make a gift, click here.


One Step at a Time                    

By Stacey Shultz

When Cora Edmonds and Phil Crean got married in 2006, they vowed to live a life steeped in the practice of generosity. “We made a commitment when we got married that we were going to touch as many hearts as we could while we were still alive,” says Phil. “That’s kind of what drives everything.”

Although longtime members of SIMS (Phil was board president from 2008 to 2010), the couple recently came into the spotlight for donating the space last year for the new dharma center. In November I sat down with them in Cora’s art gallery in Pioneer Square. We talked about the non-profit organization they developed to educate girls in rural Nepal, their home life raising two biological and three adopted children, and their donation of the space to SIMS. Cora exudes warmth and positivity; Phil is more of a straight shooter. Together they have made a life where practice happens more off the cushion than on. Read more.

Volunteer Profile: Keeping Us Centered

By Anne Trench

On Tuesdays as I make my way to the new SIMS Dharma Center, I physically experience my heart softening and the tension ebbing from my body. Maybe you do, too? It’s as if the Center exerts its own energy, and of course it does—the energy of the sangha and of its members, collectively and individually. I’ve also come to realize that it is the energy of the quiet volunteers who tend our new home with care and attention, especially the energy of Lloyd and Candace, our facilities managers. Read More.

Understanding Aging Death and Dying-Part I

By Rodney Smith

In this first in a two-part series, guiding teacher Rodney Smith addresses the transforming power that death can hold if we first become aware of how the subject of aging and death works on us. Fear of death--defined broadly as the ending of experience--holds us within form; if we are going to spiritually move into the formless realm, we are going to have to get much closer to death and dying.

"What can we expect when we approach death as a spiritual teaching? There are a series of stages that many of us go through as we begin to realize the true nature of death and are willing to examine it up close and personally. If we throw our shuttered heart open and allow death to enter, the subject will transform us."  Read More

SIMS Lending Library Settles In

By Bonnie Pasek

SIMS Library 3
With the opening of the SIMS Dharma Center this past summer, the lending library is now comfortably settled on the mezzanine level of our new facility. It’s wonderful to have such a beautiful home for all of our books. Read more
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