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Fall 2015 Newsletter
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Stairs Kyoto 2Steps Kyoto
Cora Edmonds

"If what we see dies, perhaps the invisible seeing itself holds the deathless." In this talk from his 2013 series on Dependent Origination, Rodney Smith discusses how investigating what cannot be born or age can begin to move us away from dependency on form.  

Dharma Talk

stevearmstrong2013a 2
Steve Armstrong will be at SIMS for a Friday evening dharma talk on November 6.

Dharma Talk & Non-residential Retreat

Join Phillip Moffitt for a Friday dharma talk on December 4 and a non-residential retreat on December 5-6.


The Pali word for "generosity," dana is what makes the work of SIMS possible--not just for our immediate benefit but for all those who may seek refuge here in the future. To make a gift, click here.


Board News

The board has been busy. SIMS is in a time of transition. Last year, we opened our own center in SODO. With the new space, we are able to offer more practice opportunities, including open sits twice weekly; practice groups and classes, such as the Under 40 Practice Group led by Keri Pederson; and talks by renowned teachers from the Vipassana and other traditions, such as Larry Ward, Vimalasara, and Bhikkhu Bodhi.  

Maintaining the center and the opportunities it presents requires a lot of work—not just by the board but by the many volunteers who, literally, keep the lights on (and the sound... and open the doors, empty the trash, put out the tea, and every other thing about which one might wonder, “Who does that?”). 

SIMS also has two new interim guiding teachers—Tim Geil and Tuere Sala. While Rodney will continue to teach in 2016, he has stepped back from his other roles, including serving on the board. As the new guiding teachers, Tim and Tuere have joined the board. Each brings a wealth and diversity of experience, new perspectives and ideas about programs, and lots of enthusiasm. 

With new leadership, new programs, and a new facility, the board is studying how it could be organized to better serve the sangha. It was one thing to be a board when SIMS was a smaller community organized around a single teacher meeting once a week in a rented space. Today, the board has bigger shoes to fill as the governing body of an increasingly multi-faceted spiritual organization. 

Toward that end, we recently engaged a day-long retreat with Kim Allen, a consultant with deep experience guiding organizations like SIMS through growth and transition. We will report more on that work in a future newsletter. We also plan to conduct a survey later this year to learn more about what people value most and offerings they might like to see. In the meantime, feel free to approach any of us in person or by email with questions or ideas. 

For a complete report on the board's work, click here.

What Doesn't Change

hut_in_open_field-t2By Tim Geil

Change is the nature of life. Everywhere we look, things are in flux. As we resist change, we experience suffering. Yet the Buddha points toward something that doesn’t change. We can shift our attention from the objects of attention to attention itself. As our practice begins to orient toward what doesn’t change, we experience a different relationship to the changing nature of life. Sufi poet Rumi offers guidance along this journey. Read More.

Living the Buddha's Teachings

"If the sangha is the whole of the practice, then how we take care of each other is the most important part of our practice." Tuere Sala writes about how she has experienced the aliveness of sangha through volunteering. Read more

Back to Our Beginnings: Thursdays at Keystone Church

KeystoneSIMS had its beginnings nearly twenty years ago in the basement of Keystone Church in Wallingford. Rodney Smith, our founding teacher, gave weekly talks for a number of years there until the sangha outgrew the space and moved to other locations. Now, as we grow, some of us are meeting there again, to learn from new teachers--and each other. Read More.
Seattle Insight Meditation Society is a welcoming community devoted to offering the Buddha's teachings on wisdom and compassion to all those who seek them. SIMS encourages an ongoing investigation of our lives for the liberation of all beings.

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