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Spring 2014 Newsletter
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More on Finding Joy in Suffering

For Rodney's talk, Moving Toward the Struggle, from his 2012 series on the Fundamentals of the Dharma, click here.

For a short talk by Sharon Salzberg on the Buddha's teaching of the Four Noble Truths from her 2011 SIMS nonresidential retreat on Suffering and the End of Suffering, click here.
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Ajahn Sumedho will be in Seattle on July 1, 2014 for a dharma talk at the Center for Spiritual Living. Don't miss the opportunity to hear from this venerable, beloved teacher. For more information, click here.


KM Groups
For more information about KM groups and how to become a co-facilitator, click here.

The Pali word for "generosity," dana is what makes the work of SIMS possible.  To make a gift, click here.

More photos of new space

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SIMS Finds a Home

P1000727Thanks to the generosity of Cora Edmonds and Phil Crean, SIMS finally has its very own space—3,250 square feet of it (the same size as the meditation hall at Nalanda West), located in a brand new building at 2729 6th Avenue South (6th & Lander) in the SODO District. Furnishings and final touches are underway, and it is expected that we will be able to move in to the new “Seattle Insight Meditation Center” in July.

The new Center features high ceilings, tall windows, seating for up to 200 people, bamboo floors, a kitchen area, and even a small balcony level that will accommodate our library. There is on-site parking for 56 cars and additional parking nearby. The Center is in a public-transit-friendly location, across the street from Sound Transit’s SODO Station and along multiple Metro bus routes.    

The center will allow SIMS to expand the classes, sits, and other offerings, while still supporting Thursday night sit/talks at Keystone, neighborhood sitting groups, and other events in various venues around town. A dedication ceremony is planned for July 22, our first night in the new Center, and there will be an open house in the fall. We also will be conducting a campaign to raise $75,000 for furnishings, chairs, and other essentials. More to come…

Finding Joy in Suffering
By Tuere Sala

Being human, we are all subject to suffering. We experience suffering due to pain—both its physical manifestation and its associated mental anguish. We experience suffering simply because we exist in a conditioned world with all its imperfections, and we experience suffering from our resistance to change. Given that suffering is such a natural state of existence, the idea of finding joy in it may seem counter-intuitive. Read more.

SIMS and Teens

PearInGrassThese two articles reveal SIMS's growing engagement with teens in their search for the dharma.  

A Coming of Age 
offers a history, from the origin of the fist teen classes fifteen years ago to SIMS's involvement in local iBme Teen Mindfulness Retreats and the Seattle Teen Mindfulness Circle started just this year, including comments from teen participants about their experiences.  Read more

My Mind on Meditation describes a teen's perspective on her experience in last summer's iBme retreat and as part of the Seattle Teen Mindfulness Circle in its inaugural year. Read more.

Aging and the Ageless
By Nancy Brett

“What is aging in this moment? What is ageless in this moment?” These two questions, posed by Rodney in his homework on Aging and Dependent Origination, could well serve as an underlying theme for our Aging and the Dharma KM group. When we first met on Valentine''s Day 2005, we were a group of twelve women in our fifties to early eighties seeking to share the journey of aging in the light of the dharma. Now, more than nine years later, we are a slightly different group of thirteen women ranging in age from sixty-three to ninety who continue to share this journey. Read more.   

SIMS Survey Reveals a Complex and Engaged Sangha  
By Meredith Lohr

Farm dogsLast fall, SIMS distributed a survey to sangha members with the goal of learning more about our community and how to better serve it. The effort was fruitful: 669 people responded to the survey, from all over the Seattle area and farther afield. The high response rate indicates a deep level of engagement with SIMS. Read more.

Seattle Insight Meditation Society is a welcoming community devoted to offering the Buddha''''''''s teachings on wisdom and compassion to all those who seek them. SIMS encourages an ongoing investigation of our lives for the liberation of all beings.

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