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Shabbat Shalom from Aspen Hill!
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Parshat Pinchas

7:00PM Friday Davening

Dvar Torah by Nina Zimm 

8:04PM Candle Lighting

9:00AM Shacharit

7:15PM Rabbi's Shiur 

8:00PM Shabbat Mincha 

9:07PM Shabbat ends not before this time.

8:15AM Sunday Shacharit

Click here for information on Laws of the 3 Weeks.

Community Kashrut Standards Classes

Next Shabbat, Aug 6, after kiddush, the Rabbi will offer a shiur on community kashrut standards. If there is advance interest (RSVP to the Rabbi), he will also hold additional classes on Sunday, Aug 7 at 9AM and/or Tuesday, Aug 9 at 8PM. 

August 4 @ 8PM

Aura Chadasha Women's Rosh Chodesh Event

August 6

Our first Monthly Community Birthday Kiddush is next week. If you or someone in your family has an August birthday you would like to recognize, sponsorships will be $25, and we will have a celebratory community birthday cake at Kiddush. Send an email to or contact Lily Landau to sponsor.

August 12-13

Chesed Shabbat with special Divrei Torah and announcements related to our shul's chesed initiatives for 5777.

Tisha Bav Schedule

Saturday, Aug 13

5:30PM Rabbi's Shiur

6:15PM Shabbat Mincha

(Go home to eat the 3rd meal before the fast. There is no traditional Seudah Mafseket with eggs/ash because of Shabbat.)

8:05PM Fast Begins (Shkiah)

8:49PM Shabbat Ends

9:15PM Maariv & Eicha

(Come back to shul after Shabbat and remember not to wear leather-soled shoes.) 


Sunday, August 14

8:15AM Shacharit with Explanatory Kinnot

10:00AM Special Rabbi's shiur.

9:15AM -

LIVE WEBCAST: Shiur and Kinnot Explanations by Rabbi JJ Schachter sponsored by YUTorah.

1:13PM Chatzot 

(mourning practices reduced)

2:00PM Beltway Vaad Event at BJC: What is the Messianic Age?

Click here for more info.

Childcare is available free with your RSVP by Aug 9. It will be $10 at the door.

4:30PM Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation Video Shiurim in the Bandroom. Click here for more info.

7:40PM Mincha & Maariv

8:39PM Fast Ends

Please consider donating tzedakah during these three weeks here.

A Taste of Pokemon Go for Shabbat

Dear Friends,

Rabbi Uri picture

Three weeks ago, the “Pokemon Go” app was released, reviving an old Gameboy fad, and quickly became a worldwide sensation. At least two articles have recently emerged in the Jewish press wondering playfully, “Is this good for the Jews?!”

Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin writes that the phenomenon of “Pokemon Go” has been “a sweet societal diversion… in a summer punctuated by terror and mass death.” Apparently, the new game has become so popular that there are now road signs in Florida stating “it is both unsafe and illegal to search for Pokemon while driving.”

Ministry Matters, an online magazine, published a piece entitled, “What to do if your church is a hub for Pokemon Go.” The essence of the article was, “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” The author listed numerous ways houses of worship can seize on the opportunities presented to them by innocent Pokemon Go players showing up on 

Pokemon sign

church premises looking to capture virtual characters or train at a virtual Pokemon Gym. (See the embedded picture here as one example!)

The New York Jewish Week also noted that Pokemon have been appearing in lots of Jewish places. This has resulted in varied responses. For example, officials at Auschwitz in Poland and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum have asked to be a Pokemon-free zone. But so far, the Chief Rabbinate hasn’t put their foot down in Israel. Pokemon have been spotted at the Kotel and even in the President’s office.

Rabbi Salkin suggests, paradoxically, that “the conversation about places where Pokemon should not go, is actually a conversation about the places where God should go.”

As Shabbat draws near, and our technology is a given a rest, Rabbi Salkin’s words have deep resonance for me... even though I still have no idea what Pokemon Go really is. 

Each week, we are gifted the opportunity to slow down, stop creating, and seek out God in the real world. I bless us to find those sparks of holiness in the Pokemon-free zone of Shabbat.

Shabbat Shalom. See you in shul,

Rabbi Uri


Melton Adult Learning 

Tuesday Nights Nov 15 - April 4 at Tikvat Israel. Co-taught by Rabbis Shull & Topolosky.

Join us for this comprehensive, text-based Jewish studies course developed by Hebrew University. Designed for all ages and religious backgrounds. 

Register online here. Special $100 Early bird discount by Oct 31 with code: Core100.


youth handprint
Shabbat Children's Programs

9:15AM - 5th and 6th graders (and 7th graders who wish to) meet in the cafeteria.
9:30AM - Tot room opens for supervised play 
10:15AM - Groups begin for Tots, K-2nd grade, and 3rd-4th grade.
10:20AM - Gym time for 5th graders and up
11:00AM - Gym time for K-4th grade
All children return to the main sanctuary to help lead tefilot at the end of Musaf.

Aug 14 - Tisha Bav Afternoon Childcare

The event sponsored by the Beltway Vaad from 2-4PM at Beth Joshua is free, and free childcare is available with your RSVP by August 9 to
Childcare will be $10 ($30 family max) at the door.

Questions? Contact Carmiya:

Your feedback is appreciated! RSVP to this email.
Beth Joshua Congregation of Aspen Hill
13300 Arctic Ave, Rockville, MD 20853
301.962.9400 x5247

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Beth Joshua Congregation
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