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Shabbat Shalom from Beth Joshua Cong. of Aspen Hill!
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Parshat Pinchas

7:00PM Friday Davening

8:18PM Candle Lighting

9:00AM Shacharit with a special kiddush sponsored by Nina Zimm in honor of the birth of her first grandchild! Mazel Tov!

7:15PM Rabbi's Shiur

8:10PM Mincha

9:24PM Shabbat ends not before this time.

Sunday Shacharit 8:15AM

Click here for a summary of laws for the 3 Weeks.

Tuesday Tanya 8:00PM


Mazel Tov and Welcome to our newest Community members, spending their first Shabbat in Aspen Hill - Yousef and Rebeka Mizrahi, and their children, Joshua, Jonathan, Sarah, and Netanel.

July 20 @ 7:30PM
"Torah and Tumah"
A Guest Lecture with YCT Rabbinical School President, Rabbi Asher Lopatin.

July 26 @ 2PM - Tisha B'Av Afternoon Yom Iyun:

"Thinking Outside Our Box:

Lessons from the Sephardic World and a conversation w/ our Multi-Denominational Jewish Family."

Childcare will be available.

July 31 & August 28
Kids' Kabbalat Shabbats
August 30 @ 12:00PM
Grand Slam Sunday
Jewish Community Day at the Ballpark. Join Rabbi Uri and shul/school friends with your RSVP by July 27 to 

A Taste of Awe for Shabbat
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Dear Friends,

The Talmud in Shabbat 31b records the following comment: "Rabbah bar Rav Huna said, 'Anyone who has Torah learning but does not have Awe of Heaven is like the treasurer to whom the inner keys have been given, but not the outer keys. How will he get in?!'"

Rabbah's metaphor feels particularly relevant in a week that has brought us worrisome images of Greeks lining up at ATMs for their limited withdrawals, and of elderly pensioners trying to get their checks from closed banks. They "own" their treasure in the vaults, but they cannot get in the front door to take it out. 

But Rabbah's metaphor was directed more at religious life than economic life, and in that regard, he seems concerned how certain spiritual values are prioritized in our communities.

The Talmud invites us to appreciate the spiritual access which is afforded us, so long as we maintain Awe of Heaven. Indeed, you can "own" a lot of Torah, but without the Awe, it will remain irrelevant. 

Our teacher of Torah, Nechama Leibowitz, explains that one's "Awe of Heaven" is measured by an attitude towards those who are most vulnerable in our societies. She underscores this point by noting four examples where Biblical characters outside of the Israelite family, are described as being in Awe, or not in Awe, of Heaven. In each case, the subjects, Amalek, Avimelech, Yosef (perceived in this case to be Egyptian), and the Egyptian Midwives, are assumed to be dangerous, or caring, based on whether they are thought to be in "Awe of Heaven."

As Shabbat draws near, and we come to the completion of the first of the Three Weeks, let us be thoughtful acquirers of one important key to access our spiritual lives - the key of Awe. This key reminds us that our Torah is simply worthless if we can't treat each other right.

Shabbat Shalom! See you in shul,

Rabbi Uri

P.S. Check out our upcoming events for two enriching learning opportunities with guest scholars, Rabbi Asher Lopatin (July 20) and Rabbi Haim Ovadia (July 26).

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