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Shabbat Shalom from Beth Joshua Cong. of Aspen Hill!
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Parshat Devarim

7:00PM Friday Davening

8:08PM Candle Lighting

9:00AM Shacharit 

5:45PM Rabbi's Shiur

6:30PM Shabbat Mincha

(Go home to eat the 3rd meal before the fast. There is no traditional Seudah Mafseket with eggs/ash because of Shabbat.)

8:27PM Fast Begins (Shkiah)

9:13PM Shabbat Ends

9:30PM Maariv & Eicha

(Come back to shul after Shabbat and remember not to wear leather shoes.) 


Sunday, July 26

8:15AM Shacharit with Explanatory Kinnot

10:00AM Special Rabbi's shiur.

1:15PM Chatzot 

(mourning practices reduced)


Lessons from the Sephardic World and a conversation w/ our Multi-Denominational Jewish Family."

Childcare is available, but RSVP is needed to

4:30PM Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation Video Event

8:00PM Mincha and Maariv

9:03PM Fast Ends

Click here for a summary of laws for the 3 Weeks.


Tuesday Tanya 8:00PM

July 31 @ 6:30PM
Kids' Kabbalat
Carmiya Weinraub will lead a special Tot Kabbalat geared to ages 0-6 in the shul. Separately, Rabbi Uri will lead a musical Kabbalat Shabbat geared to ages 7+. Sholom Aleichem, Kiddush, and Challah will follow at 7:00PM in the cafeteria.

Aug 12, 19, 26 @ 8PM
Keys to Jewish Spirituality
A mini-series with Elul in mind. Led by Rabbi Uri at his home, 4909 Baltic Ave
August 30 @ 9:30AM
New Year, New You
An Elul Yom Iyun program of the Beltway Vaad at Ohev Shalom. Click here for more info.

August 30 @ 12:00PM
Grand Slam Sunday
Jewish Community Day at the Ballpark. Join Rabbi Uri and shul/school friends with your RSVP by July 27 to 

A Taste of Not-Fasting this Tisha B'Av
Rabbi Uri picture

Dear Friends,

This Tisha B’Av I won’t be fasting.

That’s because, this year, Tisha B’Av falls out on Shabbat, and the joys of Shabbat take precedence. Instead, I will be joining Jews world over, and fasting on Sunday, the 10th of Av.

I appreciate the aberration, however, as the competing messages of Shabbat and Tisha B’Av speak to my own struggle with what I see as a dual reality in Tisha B’Av today.

On the one hand, the 9th of Av is our national day of mourning. A day we remember a myriad of horrific tragedies in our history, such as the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition/Expulsion, the Chmielnitzki Pogroms, the Holocaust, and most significantly, the destruction on Yerushalyim and the loss of the two Holy Temples.

On the other hand, it’s hard for me to ignore that I called my brother-in-law last week, who lives as a proud and open Jew on Rechov Chabad – a street within the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Yerushalyim.

Our holy city is very much alive, rebuilt to an extent, and teeming with Jewish life. To ignore the miracle of the modern State of Israel, 67 years young, would make me feel ungrateful for God’s great blessings. Let’s be honest, half of world Jewry lives in Israel today – it would be disingenuous if the commemoration of Tisha B’Av were not altered in some fashion.

I have spoken to folks who have taken a radical position of fasting only a half-day on Tisha B’Av (and others who don’t fast at all), or others that have adopted the more subtle practice to alter the “Nachem” prayer in the Tisha B’Av Mincha service to reflect a more nuanced mourning. Alternatively, many others have simply chosen to shift the focus of the day to more contemporary losses and tragedies.

In any case, this year I won’t be fasting on the 9th of Av. Instead, I will be celebrating Shabbat in full-force, thinking of my brothers and sisters in the Holy Land, who are a part of crafting the incredible destiny of our people, and of the remarkable progress of Jewry worldwide. Then, as the 10th of Av rolls in, I will fast, ready to embrace the broken glass - the reminder at every wedding, that there is still more fixing to do. But as my Rebbe, Rabbi Avi Weiss points out, we shout “Mazel Tov!” when we break that glass, because we recognize that we are still very much alive, and blessedly conscious of the fixing that needs to be done.

Shabbat Shalom! See you in shul,

Rabbi Uri


youth handprint
Our Youth Program is in an overhaul, and for the next few weeks, the older kids program will be on summer-mode, and consist of babysitting, activities and games, without the usual davening and parsha related programming. Stay tuned for excellent upcoming programs to begin in the Fall! In the meantime, many thanks to Carmiya Weinraub, who has stepped in to help organize our youth activity.

Your feedback is appreciated! RSVP to this email.
Beth Joshua Congregation of Aspen Hill
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301.962.9400 x5247

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