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Shabbat Shalom from Beth Joshua Cong. of Aspen Hill!
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Parshat Naso

7:00PM Friday Davening

8:08PM Candle Lighting

9:00AM Shacharit with kiddush sponsored by the Sabag and Levin families.

7:15PM Rabbi's Shiur

8:05PM Mincha

9:15PM Shabbat ends not before this time.

MAZEL TOV to Denny and Debra Berman on the birth of a grandson to Brian and Dafna Berman.

OUR CONDOLENCES to Elise and Jeffrey Cohen, and family, on the sudden loss of Elise's 2-year-old nephew, Logan Gill z"l.

OUR CONDOLENCES to Eli and Dikla Alosh on the loss of Eli's father, Felix Alosh in Israel. Shiva minyanim continue at the Alosh home, 13810 Bauer Dr on Sunday and Monday evenings at 8:15PM.

OUR CONDOLENCES to David and Debbie Zakar on the loss of David's grandfather, Emanuel Zakar. Shiva minyanim continue  at 6525 Copperfield Rd in Baltimore,  at 7AM and 8:10PM,  through Monday morning.

OUR CONDOLENCES to Rabbi Steven Suson, of Har Tzeon-Agudath Achim, on the loss of his wife, Rachel. Shiva minyanim continue at the Suson home, 11109 Luttrell Lane, Silver Spring, at 8AM and 7PM through Tuesday morning.


May 31 @ 1:00-5:00PM
Israel Fest
in Rockville Town Square. 
Free Admission; Come for a fun-filled afternoon of music, entertainment and food.

May 31 @ 8:00PM
Kol Neshama Women's Discussion Group at the home of Jackie Krisch, 5004 Baltic Ave.

June 7 @ 10AM @ YISE
Bikur Cholim Workshop with geriatric specialist, Bernice Singer Schwartz.

June 14 @ 9:00AM
Membership Meeting
June 14 @ 3:00PM
“You can’t beat Beethoven” 
Co-sponsored with Congregation B’nai Tzedek, Potomac. Tickets: 
A concert and conversation by Professor Ronald Jacobowitz.

June 16 @ 5:00PM
Garden Planting in memory of Eyal, Gilad, and Naftali z"l
Especially geared to 2nd graders and older. Pizza and Ices provided.
August 30 @ 12:00PM
Grand Slam Sunday
Jewish Community Day at the Ballpark. RSVP by July 27 to: or call (301) 962-9400 x5247.

A Taste of Houston for Shabbat
Rabbi Uri picture

Dear Friends,

Many of us have seen the images and heard the news coming out of Houston and other Texas communities devastated by excessive rains and flooding this week.

My dear friend and colleague, Rabbi Barry Gelman, who leads the United Orthodox Synagogues community, shared a letter for chizuk(“strength”) with his congregation. You can read it in full here.

He opened by quoting from Song of Songs: “Mighty Waters cannot extinguish our love.”

מַיִם רַבִּים, לֹא יוּכְלוּ לְכַבּוֹת אֶת-הָאַהֲבָה  (Song of Songs 8:7)

These words struck a particular chord for me, as this was the verse my former congregation in New Orleans chose to engrave above our Aron in the shul that replaced the synagogue destroyed by the failure of the levees in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

In preparation for the dedication of our shul there, I discovered that these words were also written on the tombstone of Ida and Isador Strauss, former owners of the Macy’s Department Store.

In the Winter of 1912, Isador and Ida decided to spend a few months abroad vacationing in Southern France. By the time they chose to come home, a strike among coal workers had spread throughout Western Europe. Only one cruise ship had managed to secure enough coal for a cross Atlantic journey due to its historic maiden voyage. And that’s how Isador and Ida found themselves, quite by default, in England, on board the Titanic.

Isador and Ida were in bed when the boat struck the iceberg. The commotion on board had them concerned and they quickly dressed in warm clothes to go out on the deck.

When it became clear that the Titanic was sinking, Isador managed to secure a seat for his wife on board one of the lifeboats. But she refused to get in without him. Some of the passengers told Isador to come into the boat too, but he would not go before the many other women and children waiting behind him.

Ida continued to refuse her husband’s urgent pleas to board the lifeboat. And suddenly, her mind made up, she pushed their newly hired maid, Ellen Bird, into the lifeboat in her place. Ida draped her fur coat around Ellen telling her that she would no longer need it. Ida famously said to her, "I will not be separated from my husband. As we have lived, so will we die, together."

Isidor and Ida were last seen on deck arm in arm. Survivors of their lifeboat described the scene as “the most remarkable exhibition of love and devotion they have ever seen."

"Mighty waters cannot extinguish our love."

In Rabbi Gelman’s letter to his Houston congregants, he writes, “We have already seen so many acts of kindness offered by those who were able to help, from opening up dry homes for those who need places to go, to canoe crews paddling all over the neighborhood to transfer those who needed help, to doctors volunteering to treat those who needed medical attention... Let us focus on repairing what was ruined and rededicating ourselves to what makes our synagogue so special, the community. After all, what is really special about us are the people that make up our community. That is what is indispensable – the building can always be fixed.”

This Shabbat, as our hearts reach out to those struggling in Houston (I am particularly thinking of Rabbi Gelman, whose family, among others, lost their home), let us also take the time to appreciate what is truly indispensable in our own lives.

Shabbat Shalom from Aspen Hill! 

See you in shul,

Rabbi Uri

P.S. a special welcome home to my mother-in-law and my daughter Adi who went to Israel for Shavuot!

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