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Shabbat Shalom from Beth Joshua of Aspen Hill!
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Parshat Vayikra-Rosh Chodesh Nissan-Parshat HaChodesh

7:02PM Candle Lighting

7:00PM Friday Davening

9:00AM Shacharit 

Kiddush sponsored by the Ceplers in honor of Jacob's 1st Birthday!

6:30PM Rabbi's Shiur

7:00PM Shabbat Mincha

8:01PM Shabbat ends not before this time.

Sunday Shacharit 8:15AM

Family Minyan 10:00AM


We are honored to host the Kollel Torah Mitzion Family, Mencahem & Nechama Porat, and their children, this Shabbat.

March 21 @ 9:00PM
Aura Chadasha Event

Inaugural BJC women's monthly Rosh Chodesh group gathering at the Topolosky home.

March 22 @ 10:00AM
Family Minyan

Co-sponsored by Berman Preschool and PJ LIbrary

March 23 @ 8PM
Mock Seder at the Rabbi's home. Looking for ways to spice up your Seder...?

March 25 @ 7PM
Single Jewish Moms Support Group
Wheaton Library
For more information: 

March 28 
Noah Selvin Bar Mitzvah
Community Luncheon

April 3 
Community Pesach Seder 
RSVPs needed. $18 p/p; $72 family max.

April 6 @ 7:30PM
Chol HaMoed Concert at the home of Carmiya and Michael Weinraub with performers from the Jubilee Voices singing songs of the African American Civil Rights movement with cross-cultural dialogue about the shared Exodus narrative. $5 p/p; $10 family max. RSVP to this email.

April 12 @ 3:00PM
Community Yom HaShoah Commemoration at Har Shalom, Potomac

April 14 @ 7:30PM
Beth Joshua Yom HaShoah Commemoration with Johanna Neumann
14504 Barkwood Dr

April 20 @ 7:30PM
Author Series with Rabbi Avi Weiss at DCJCC
"Open Up the Iron Door: Memoirs of a Soveit Jewry Activist Rabbi"
A Taste of Elections for Shabbat
Rabbi Uri picture

Dear Friends,

I was inspired to read the following words from Rav Shlomo Aviner, a prominent spiritual leader of the Religious Zionist movement in Israel. In answering the question, "Who won the Israeli Elections?", Rav Aviner writes: "The answer is simple: The Nation, because all of the political parties are good. They all love the Nation of Israel. They all love the Land of Israel. They all love the State of Israel. And they all love the spirit of Israel." 

He continues: "But no one possesses all of the truth, all of the justice and all of the integrity. Hashem, in His kindness for His Nation, spread the talents and good qualities among the entire Nation of Israel and among all of the political parties. Everyone is required to find which party has the most positives and the least negatives. No one can claim that his party has it all. And if someone thinks that his party does have it all, he is dangerously close to "Sinat Chinam – baseless hatred." "Sinat Chinam" is hating for no reason. Then why does he hate? He hates anything which is different. It is forbidden to be different. "Everyone is obligated to be exactly like me. And anyone who is not exactly like me is an enemy of the Nation." Not true! We are all important. 

And I will remind you who established the State of Israel – it was the Nation. And who was victorious in the War of Independence – it was the Nation. And who was victorious in all of the wars – it was the Nation. And who built up the Land and transformed it from desolation into a garden of Hashem – it was the Nation. And who absorbed all of the exiles – it was the Nation. And who strengthened the economy- it was the Nation. And who returned the Torah to the Land of Israel – it was the Nation. Everything was done by the entire Nation. Our party is the Nation. If only we could establish one party of all of the Jews from one extreme to another! In the meantime, it is not possible and there are different parties with different opinions. But do not forget: we are one Nation and all of the parties must act with respect towards one another, with love towards one another and with the recognition that we need one another. Then, we will have "Ahavat Chinam – baseless love." "Fortunate is the Nation for whom this is so" (Tehillim 144:15)."

As we celebrate Shabbat Rosh Chodesh Nissan tonight, with Pesach just around the corner, we remember the birth of the Jewish nation out of Egypt. And as Rav Aviner teaches us, it wasn't one party that left Egypt, but the whole of Am Yisrael. May we continue to see ourselves as one people, albeit with different interests and ideas, and have the humility to discover the falsehoods within our own ideas, and the truths within the ideas of others.

Shabbat Shalom from Aspen Hill! See you in shul,

Rabbi Uri


P.S. Friday night davening is now at 7PM throughout the summer.

P.P.S. Our shul will also be hosting a few prospective families over the next couple of weeks, so please say hello to new faces!

Your feedback is appreciated! RSVP to this email.
Beth Joshua Congregation of Aspen Hill
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Beth Joshua Congregation
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