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Shabbat Shalom and Good Yom Tov from Aspen Hill!
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Parshat Bamidbar

7:00PM Friday Davening

8:03PM Candle Lighting

9:00AM Shacharit

7:30PM Mincha and early Seudah Shlishit

8:30PM Pre-Shavuot Shiur

9:08PM Yom Tov Preparations/Candle Lighting


May 31 @ 1:00-5:00PM
Israel Fest
in Rockville Town Square. 
Free Admission; Come for a fun-filled afternoon of music, entertainment and food.

May 31 @ 8:00PM
Kol Neshama Women's Discussion Group
"Difficult Mitzvaot"
5004 Baltic Ave

June 14 @ 9AM
Membership Meeting
June 14 @ 3:00PM
“You can’t beat Beethoven” 
Co-sponsored with Congregation B’nai Tzedek, Potomac. Tickets: 
A concert and conversation by Professor Ronald Jacobowitz.

June 21 @ 10AM
Garden Planting in memory of Eyal, Gilad, and Naftali z"l
August 30 @ 12:00PM
Grand Slam Sunday
Jewish Community Day at the Ballpark. RSVP by July 27 to: or call (301) 962-9400 x5247.

A Taste of Shavuot from Gidon Herschander
gidon h

Mazel Tov to Gidon Herschander on his graduation from Yeshiva University this week. As one of our own community members, we are honored to receive a guest "Taste of Shabbat" from him this week:

No Pain No Game

Many have the custom of learning the six chapters of the Mishnaic tractate Pirkei  Avot during the six weeks between Pesach and Shavuot. The custom is to learn one chapter for each of the six weeks. This Shabbat, being the Shabbat just prior to Shavuot the custom is to learn the sixth chapter. 

One of the mishnayot in the sixth chapter discusses how the Torah is acquired by doing 48 specific actions. The Slonimer Rebbe in his Nesivos Shalom on Pirkei Avot, draws a contrast between how the Torah is acquired through 48 actions as opposed to how becoming a Kohein or King requires one to surpass 24 levels. He explains that the reason why Kingship and Kehuna is accomplished only through 24 levels is because the word "levels" refers to something that is inherited. However, "actions," which is the word used to describe how Torah is acquired, is a word used to describe something that can only be accomplished through persistence and hard work. 

Many things in life cannot be accomplished solely through hard work itself but through status, fame or wealth. However, anyone can learn Torah as long as they put in the effort to do so. 

May we work hard to feel the sweetness of Torah this Shavuot and may it help give us a stronger acceptance of the Torah.

May Moschiach come soon!

Gidon Herschander

Yeshiva University, Class of 2015

P.S. Please join us for extra learning opportunities over Shavuot (see the schedule below), including a late night desert and Torah buffet with our visiting scholar, Nechama Porat, as well as a fun children's activity after lunch on the first day of Shavuot.

Your feedback is appreciated! RSVP to this email.

Shavuot Schedule 5775



7:30PM Mincha & Seudah Shlishit

8:30PM Pre-Shavuot Shiur with Rabbi Jeffrey Frances

9:05PM Maariv


10:30PM Dessert Buffet and Shiurim at Topolosky home

with visiting scholar, Nechama Porat


SUNDAY, May 24


9:00AM Shacharit with Akdamot

9:45AM Reading of the 10 Commandments


12:00PM Baked Ziti & Fettuccine Alfredo Open Luncheon

Many thanks to Ida Perelmutor and family for sponsoring the lunch in memory of her parents.

12:30-1:30PM Special Adult Learning with Rabbi Uri as well as a special children’s program: "Make Your Own Mini-Mount Sinai"

6:30PM Mincha & Maariv with brief learning in between


MONDAY, May 25

9:00AM Shacharit with Yizkor and Megillat Ruth

4:00-6:00PM Women’s Afternoon of Learning 

at the shul facilitated by Jackie Krisch on "Revelation" 

and Nechama Porat on "Love and Loyalty"

8:10PM Mincha and Shiur with Menachem Porat, 

"What makes a Tzaddik?"

9:10PM Yom Tov ends

Beth Joshua Congregation of Aspen Hill
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