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GoDaddy "gTLD Cheat Sheet" Puts .CLUB in Top Ten 

GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain name registrar, released a great infographic highlighting the new top level domain names, and .CLUB is well represented in the informative visual.  With so many new domain extensions coming out, it can be a bit overwhelming and the GoDaddy graphic does a nice job of outlining the history of top level domains as well as categorizing many of the new names that are being introduced.

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Argentina is well known as a carnivore's paradise, with an amazing selection of outstanding steaks and meats at nearly every dining establishment.  As such, Buenos Aires was a suitable location for the latest ICANN meeting because finally, at ICANN 48, the rhetorical "Where's the Beef?" question around the new gTLD's was finally answered.  ICANN 48 was the first ICANN meeting where the new gTLD program truly became real, with new domain extensions actually appearing in the root and being actively marketed "for sale."  

In The News 

On the Defensive?  Domain Investors and Brand Protection Are An Important Part of the Domain Ecosystem 

Contention could mean detention for many new
As compared to past meetings, there was an air of excitement and energy in the hallways of the Sheraton Hotel as many registries were finally able to talk with registrars with certainty, make real commitments and sign real agreements.

There was an enjoyable air of showmanship as the halls were filled with Tango Dancers (courtesy of 
.UNO) and gTLD's brought to life as colorful characters (courtesy of Top Level Domain Holdings). Of course, the .CLUB team contributed to the party atmosphere with the upbeat and catchy "Your .CLUB" jingle, and the blinging bells of our "gTLD Jackpot" slot machine game resonating from the .CLUB booth.

For .CLUB, we entered ICANN 48 with our ICANN Registry agreement signed, and for the first time we were able to meet with Registrars from all over the world as the official Registry for .CLUB.  We couldn't be more excited, and it was great to meet with so many new members of the growing global .CLUB.



'Tis the season... and the entire .CLUB team wants to take a moment to appreciate and be thankful for all that we have, and wish all of you a happy and  healthy holiday season and a prosperous New Year.

2013 was a year of anticipation, change, frustration and excitement - a lot like every year.  And also, like every year, we believe the best is yet to come!  Here's to a great year ahead!


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Since returning from ICANN 48, .CLUB has successfully completed Pre-Delegation Testing and is in the process of finalizing our dates for Sunrise, Land Rush and General Availability.  Our tentative schedule is as follows:

Sunrise - January 15, 2014 through March 15, 2014 (60 Days)

Land Rush - March 18, 2014 through April 16, 2014 
(30 Days)

General Availability - April 29, 2014

Are you a registrar?  Please contact us to begin the on-boarding process.

Soccer.CLUB: Valencia Won by 1-0

Swansea, Wales: On Thursday night soccer fans around the world saw a stadium advertisement run by 1&1 Domains which included .CLUB and several other new domain extensions. 

The match was between Valencia CF and
Swansea City A.F.C which falls in the UEFA European Cup game series 

Millions of Football/Soccer clubs from around the world can stay in touch, manage and update their fans once they get a .CLUB website. 
Click Here to read the Sport Article in BBC.com

So what will be your favorite Soccerteam.CLUB?


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3 Tips on How Businesses can use the New gTLD's

Established brands have the opportunity to use the new top level domains coming out to make their online operations much more efficient.

Here are some tips for brands as to how they can use the new domain extensions:

The fact that businesses can use keywords not only in their domains but also in their domain extensions may increase their chance of showing up in various web searches. For example, if you run a hotel, you could have a URL with your hotel's name as well as a related extension such as "Headington.hotel" or "BestWestern.hotel." This increases the chance of people finding your website online and makes it clear that you are a hotel and not another type of business.


Brands and companies can use the new TLDs to simplify their websites and online activities. They could use .shop or .store for their online trading activities, .club for their fan clubs, affinity and loyalty programs. In this way it can make your web destinations easily manageable & efficient.  It also simplifies it for the people looking for different aspects of your brand online.

NPR's All Things Considered Considers .CLUB and the Internet Domain "Land Rush" 

With the first of the new top level domain names starting to show up on registrar sites like GoDaddy, 1and1 and United Domains, mainstream media is beginning to take notice.

.CLUB's Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Sass recently had the chance to speak with NPR’s Arun Rath about the upcoming launch of .CLUB domain names and the path to become the Registry for .CLUB.

According to the Article:

"There’s a land rush going on right now. At least that’s how everyone seems to be describing the opening up of vast amounts of Internet real estate with so-called top-level domains. Pretty soon, there’s going to be a lot more than .coms out there, and a lot of big companies and a few upstarts are bidding huge amounts to get the new Internet addresses."

Click on Read More for the full article and NPR Segment

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For brands like Dell and Nike, the .dell and .Nike TLDs will assure the people browsing the web that they are on the authentic website and not on a false or phishing website. This has the potential to be especially helpful for banks and other financial institutions as they handle delicate financial & personal data for their customers. Banks could use .bank, which will be regulated, or some will have their own Bank brands such as like Citibank who has applied for .citi.
How are you planning to leverage the new Domains for your brand?

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New Video: Your Passion. Your .CLUB  

The .CLUB team took to the sunny South Florida beaches to see what some people are passionate about.  As you might expect, there was quite a variety of answers, but for everyone’s passion there’s also a great .CLUB domain name.  

What’s your passion?


Meet the .CLUB Team: Jo-John Torres
For a Registry like .CLUB, few things are as important as our Registrar relationships.  That's why we are so pleased to have Jo-John Torres on the job as our Business Development Manager.  Jo-John is on the front lines talking with registrars and re-sellers, and helping them present .CLUB for pre-registrations and ultimately on-boarding. 

Jo-John brings to .CLUB, 10 years of experience and knowledge in Web-Hosting, Print Media, Promotional services and Client management, including working with .CLUB CEO Colin Campbell at Hostopia.

Jo John New 123  
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