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Welcome back

We hope that everyone is enjoying those last few days of summer before school starts on
Friday, August 28th for freshmen
Monday, August 31st for grades 10-12


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Westhill's athletic schedules:

Fall Sports Try Outs

PLEASE NOTE: Being as it's the summer, I will NOT respond to ANY emails of questions already answered by THIS email. Therefore, please read this email CAREFULLY before sending a question my way. Thanks!
Greetings Soon-to-be-Seniors and
Senior Parents!
This is a reminder that SENIOR PORTRAITS (the formal picture that ONLY Seniors take, to be included in their special section of the Yearbook) took place from July 27th to the 31st, and are now ADDITIONALLY BEING TAKEN TOMORROW (August 27) and FRIDAY (August 28th) at Westhill IN the Teacher's Caf from 8am until 3pm.
This is a REMINDER because you have already received this information via a postcard sent to you by the photo company. If you didn't get it, it's because:
1) You did, but threw it away without noting what it was - common problem.
2) The school doesn't have your current, accurate address on file. Feel free to come in and rectify!
3) You are not academically considered a Senior, yet. This could be because you were taking Summer School classes, or do not have enough credits. In which case, you are STILL WELCOME to make an appointment (directions below) and come in and TAKE YOUR SENIOR PHOTO, and then sort out your class standing with your guidance counselor on Monday.
What's that you say? You got the card, READ it, were totally cool with your scheduled appointment day AND time, AND you went online and confirmed your appointment as the card directed??? Stop reading. Delete this email. There is no more I can teach you.
But, if that's not you....
How do I make an appointment? You don't! One has already been made for you! I am sure it is right smack in the middle of your summer work hours, or otherwise inconvenient to you.... Read on!
How do I find out when my appointment is? You open the attached document, called "Portrait Appointments by Name" and you FIND your appointment. You have a DAY and a TIME. The location is "Westhill Teacher's Caf." Come in the front of the building.
How do I change my appointment day or time? Must you? Does it REALLY not work for you? I guess if you insist... Go back to that document, "Portrait Appointments by Name." Alllllllll the way in the right column, there's a Confirmation Code. Go to and use your code to change your appointment - just select the option that says "I have a confirmation number" and enter your number and last name. OR, if at any time you need additional assistance, call 1 (800) 426-9533 and follows the prompts to reschedule your appointment. I cannot change your appointment. The school cannot change your appointment. So please use the code, and either the computer or phone to CHANGE your appointment. Thank you.
***If you are NOT listed in the document, it's most likely becuase you did not have Senior Standing (missing credits?) when the list was created. Please CALL the photo company at the 1-800 number above, and MAKE an appointment. Additionally, if you show up on any of the Photo Days EARLY - as in, before 10 am - they should be able to fit you in somewhere in that day.***
How do I confirm my appointment? You can just show on up for it, on the alloted day or time (Tomorrow or Friday). But a confirmation would be nice, and we'd appreciate it! Just go to and use your code to change your appointment - select the option that says "I have a confirmation number" and enter your number and last name.
DO I HAVE TO PAY FOR MY PICTURE? Is this going to cost me anything? To be in the Yearbook? No. Totally free. But if you want to order copies, sadly, you must pay. The order form is cunningly attached to this email as well, unsurprisingly labelled "Order Form."
Well that's everything... except, of course, "what if I am away tomorrow AND Friday?" It's okay. It happens. We have thoughtfully scheduled a few short days in the Fall for Seniors to take their Portraits who missed the summer dates. Come by room 202B (the Yearbook room) or 432 and we'll give you the info.
             Ms. Tobin

Stamford Public Schools


Make a Difference at Your School!

School Governance Councils are an opportunity for Connecticut schools to become centers of excellence that prepare all students for success. They represent the many interests of the families and staff that make up your school’s community. This is important because research has shown that:

  • Partnerships among families, school and community members can make a powerful contribution to greater student success.
  • No matter what their income or background, students with involved families tend to have higher grades and test scores, better attendance, and higher rates of homework completion.

What Does The School Governance Council Do?

The School Governance Council serves as an important role to the school administrator by:

  1. Bringing together parents, school staff, students and community leaders to work together to improve student achievement and
  2. Assisting the school administration in decisions impacting students’ education in areas such as:
    • Analyze data and school needs;
    • Review the school’s resources; and
    • Advise the principal in making programmatic and operational changes.

   Nomination Form - English            Nomination Form - Spanish

Forms should be filled out and dropped off in the Main Office.
Contact David Greenberg with any questions

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