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August 2016                                                              News in Agricultural Technology

New Partnerships Expand Opportunities for Smallholder Farmers in Cassava Processing and Ag Inputs


Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation's newest partners are Niji Farms in Nigeria and Txopela in Mozambique!


Nigeria is the world's largest cassava producer, but the cassava peel is usually wasted, and there is virtually no commercial grade peel-based animal feed on the market. Niji Farms is developing a cassava peel processing plant to turn cassava peel into high quality animal feed, addressing this market gap and creating a new value addition opportunity for cassava growers.

Txopela is working with the International Livestock Research Institute to create a company that will supply agricultural inputs in Mozambique. In doing so, it will also create long-term employment opportunities and offer part-ownership of the company to several women's groups.

Read about how our partners are building sustainable smallholder markets here.

New Studies Explore the Smallholder Market for Drip Irrigation

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Partnering for Innovation is pleased to announce the launch of two new publications that analyze the opportunities and challenges to commercializing drip irrigation in smallholder markets!


These studies provide essential information for companies that are selling drip irrigation systems in smallholder markets and for companies that are considering moving into this market, as well as for development organizations that are working with drip irrigation companies. One study comparing the smallholder drip irrigation market in eastern and southern Africa, and one study comparing Partnering for Innovation's three partnerships with drip irrigation companies. 

Read and download the full studies and infographic here!

Partnering for Innovation at SOCAP16

Are you attending SOCAP16 this September in San Francisco? Don't miss Partnering for Innovation's director, Bob Rabatsky, participating in a panel discussion on which technologies have helped improve smallholder farmers' livelihoods and what innovation gaps agtech startups are working to fill today. 

The panel starts at 1:30 on Thursday, September 15. We look forward to seeing you there!

AgTechXChange Highlights

  • A new rice harvesting technology promises to reduce loss and cut cost in Bangladesh. Learn more here.
  • Mekelle Farms in Ethiopia has sold more than 2.2 million improved-breed day old chicks through these three critical success factors. Read about it here.
  • A social enterprise in Kenya that sources from smallholder farmers growing a variety of crops is looking for investment partners. Find out more here.

Partner Updates

  • EthioChicken has sold more than 2.2 million improved breed day old chicks in the last 15 months in Ethiopia, a rapid scale up of its operations that gives farmers access to a new source of income and improves nutrition.
  • The United States Ambassador to Mozambique attended an inauguration of the Export Trading Group's newest hub, which includes input suppliers, storage, and equipment rental.
  • Farmforce, a traceability and farm management software, signed a new horticulture export contract with Cooperativa Magdelana, and executed the first contract with Guaya'b, a certified coffee exporter, bringing the total number of companies that have purchased the software in Guatemala to eight.
  • Surehatch launched the SH180, an improved and expanded automatic incubator for smallholder farmers. Surehatch had commercialized a smaller model with support from Partnering for Innovation, but many farmers outgrew this smaller model, prompting Surehatch to develop the SH180 to address this gap in product offering. The SH180 was introduced in Kenya in July.

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