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January 2016
News in Agricultural Technology
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New Partners Improving Smallholder Productivity Across Value Chains

Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation has been busy signing new partnerships with companies in three countries that will improve smallholder access to equipment, inputs, and postharvest storage.

In Bangladesh, The Metal Ltd is opening Farm Machinery Hubs to market and sell its mechanized reaper, which reduces reaping time. In Honduras, Store It Cold is introducing the CoolBot, a device that attaches to a standard air conditioning unit in an insulated room, controlling and regulating temperature to create a cold storage unit. And in Malawi, Agro-Input Suppliers Limited is commercializing NITROFIX, a legume inoculant that boosts legumes' natural nitrogen fixation.

Read more about these new partnerships and how they will benefit smallholder farmers here!

Meet Hanna, a Farmer Benefiting from Access to GAP and Financial Training

In Malawi, many smallholder farmers lack access to financial services and training on good agricultural practices, resulting in low productivity and inefficient resource use. 

But through Partnering for Innovation's partnership with Opportunity Bank Malawi, farmers now have access to training and financial services that will help them increase their productivity and income. Hanna is one such farmer. After attending a community meeting where she learned about the opportunity to receive training, Hanna joined a local club and started to participate in trainings in good agricultural practices. She also opened a bank account, and is now seeing increases in her farm's productivity.

Read Hanna's story here!

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Miss Our Tech Talk with Farmforce?

Partnering for Innovation recently held its latest Tech Talk, with Spencer Morley of the Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture, on Farmforce, a farm management software that is being introduced in Guatemala through a partnership with Partnering for Innovation.

Spencer gave a presentation that covered the many features that Farmforce has to offer, and explained why Farmforce makes outgrower schemes more productive and smallholder farmers' access to global markets more secure. A lively question and answer with the audience followed, with people participating from all over the world.

If you missed it, the full recording of the webinar, as well as slides and a question and answer transcript, is available on the AgTechXChange!


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