Prayer Of The Month

(Holy Qur’an, 17:25)

Rubbir hum homa kama rubba yaanee sagheera.

"My Lord, have mercy on them (parents) even as they nourished me in my childhood."

From the Desk of National Ta'lim Secretary

Dear ReadersAssalamo alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

As an organized and disciplined community under the divine nizam-e-khilafat, we strive to comprehend and appreciate the blessings of Almighty Allah on the humble Jama’at of Hadhrat Masih-e-Mau’ood (as). Such comprehension and appreciation naturally evoke a deep sense of gratitude, submission and devotion to the Almighty.

To this end, in the Ta’leem department, we wish to capture the depth and diversity of our students and scholars in our student database. As we enter the 2015-2016 academic year, I humbly urge all adult students and parents of young students to enter the current student profiles in our database. This data will enable us to serve you better. Insha-Allah.

We wish you the best of luck and success in the 2015-2016 academic year and beyond.

Nasir Mahmood Malik
National Ta’lim Secretary

Roohani Khazain Studies: An excerpt from the Writings of the Promised Messiah (as)

As ever since the creation of the world the recognition of God is tied up with the recognition of a Prophet, it is impossible that the knowledge of Unity could be obtained except through a Prophet. A Prophet is a mirror for the beholding of God. It is only through this mirror that the countenance of God may be seen. When God Almighty desires to manifest Himself to the world, He sends a Prophet into the world who is the manifestation of His Powers and to whom He displays His Rububiyyat. Then the world realizes that God is. It is a part of the Unity of God to believe in those who have been under the eternal law of God appointed as a means of the recognition of God. Without this belief, faith in the Unity of God cannot be perfected. It is not possible to achieve faith in the pure Unity of God, which is created from the fountain of perfect certainty, in the absence of heavenly signs and wonders which are displayed by the Prophets whereby they lead people to full understanding. They are a group that points to God and through whom God, Whose Being is imperceptible upon imperceptible and hidden upon hidden, manifests Himself. That hidden Treasure, Whose name is God, has ever been recognized through the Prophets. The acquisition of faith in the Unity of God, which is estimated as true Unity by God Himself, except through a Prophet, is as much opposed to reason as it is contrary to the experience of all seekers after God.

The Unity of God is a light which illumines the heart after the so-called outer and inner deities are totally negated, and it courses through every particle of man's being. It cannot be acquired by anyone on his own, but only through God and His Messenger. Man's function is that he should impose a death upon his ego and should discard the satanic vanity that he is a learned person. He should deem himself ignorant and should be occupied with supplication. Then the light of Unity would descend upon him from God and would bestow new life upon him.

(Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 22, pp. 115-116, 148)

Roohani Khazain Studies – Quick Quiz (RKS-QQ)

Below are some clues about one book written by the Promised Messiah (as). Can you name the book’s published title? The answer is at the end of this ITK. Are you interested in the subject matter? Write back to us and share your thoughts.

-Published in 1893

-Written in response to two books by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, "Wal-Istijabah" and "Tahrir Fi Usulit-Tafsir", in which he argued that prayers were merely a form of worship that had no effect on human actions and he refuted belief in angels.

-The Promised Messiah (as) argued that if everything is predetermined, why seek medical help?

-The Promised Messiah (as) gave examples from his own life that showed the power of prayer.

-The Promised Messiah (as) enunciated seven principles of interpreting the Holy Quran:

1. Evidence from the Holy Quran

2. Commentary on the holy verses by the Holy Prophet (saw)

3. Commentary by the companions of the Holy Prophet (saw)

4. Meaning of the holy words that are revealed to one's pure self

5. Command of Arabic grammar

6. Unison of soul and body

7. Revelation and vision

-Read "Taudih-e-Maram" and "A’ina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam" for detailed discourse on subject of angels.

A New Guide for Women interested in STEM

This guide was created to build a comprehensive resource that women can use to learn about their education and career options in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields. This guide is filled with various online and campus-based resources, including:

-A list of scholarships and grant opportunities exclusively for women in STEM

-A list of the top careers for women in STEM

This guide can be viewed at

RKS-QQ Answer: BARAKAT-UD-DU’A (The Blessings of Prayer)

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