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(Holy Qur’an, 17:81)

Rubbe adkhilni mudkhala sidqinw wa akhrijni mukhra sidqinw wa ja’al-lee mil-la-dunka sultanun-naseera.

"O My Lord, make my entry a good entry and make me go forth a good going forth and grant me from Thyself a helping Power."

From the Desk of National Ta'lim Secretary

Dear ReadersAssalamo alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

We are privileged to recount one of the innumerable blessings of Almighty Allah on the humble community of Promised Messiah (as). Every year, the most outstanding students and professionals within the USA Jama’at are recognized and presented with various talent awards at the US Jalsa Salana. This issue details the history of these awards and this year’s recipients.

The awardees’ significant accomplishments are but the fruits of the prayers of Promised Messiah (as), Hadhrat Khalilaftul Masih (ab) and the parents and their own hard work. May Allah bless the awardees and all our students and professionals with extraordinary distinction in their respective fields as a sign of the truth of Promised Messiah (as) and Islam Ahmadiyyat.

Nasir Mahmood Malik
National Ta’lim Secretary

Roohani Khazain Studies: An excerpt from the Writings of the Promised Messiah (as)

The true Unity of God, the affirmation of which is demanded by God and upon which salvation depends, is to believe that God in His Being is free from every associate, whether it is an idol or a human being, or the sun or moon or one's ego, or one's cunning or deceit; and to conceive of no one as possessing power in opposition to Him, nor to accept anyone as sustainer, nor to hold anyone as bestowing honor or disgrace, nor to consider anyone as helper or assistant; and to confine one's love to Him and one's worship to Him and one's humility to Him and one's hopes to Him and one's fear to Him. No Unity can be complete without the following three types of particularization. First, there is the Unity of Being; that is to say to conceive the whole universe as nonexistent in contrast with Him and to consider it mortal and lacking reality. Second, the Unity of attributes; that is to say that Rububiyyat and Godhead are confined to His Being and that all others who appear as sustainers or benefactors are only a part of the system set up by His hand. Third, the Unity of love and sincerity and devotion; that is to say, not to consider anyone as an associate of God in the matter of love and worship and to be entirely lost in Him.

(Siraj-ud-Din ‘Isa’i ke Char Sawalon ka Jawab, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 12, pp. 349-350)

Roohani Khazain Studies – Quick Quiz (RKS-QQ)

Below are some clues about one book written by the Promised Messiah (as). Can you name the book’s published title? The answer is at the end of this ITK. Are you interested in the subject matter? Write back to us and share your thoughts.

-Was published in 1893

-Was the correspondence between the Promised Messiah (as) and Dr. Henry Martin Clark (a Christian in Amritsar area) regarding a debate that was to take place between the Promised Messiah (as) and Abdullah Atham (a Christian)

-The debate was to be held in two segments: May 22-27 and May 29-June 5

-Promised Messiah (as) reminded Maulvi Muhammad Hussain Batalvi that he should respond to the call to write a commentary on the Holy Qur’an

-Promised Messiah (as) related a prophecy that one day Maulvi Muhammad Hussain Batalvi would cease to declare the Promised Messiah (as) a kaafir

-Promised Messiah (as) wrote, “I have also been told that whatever was given to Jesus (as) has been given to me also on account of my obedience to the Holy Prophet (saws) and that I am the Promised Messiah and that I have been equipped with a weapon of light which will dispel the darkness and will be the equivalent of breaking the Cross”

History of Ahmadiyya Talent Awards

Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih III (ra) initiated the tradition of recognizing outstanding Ahmadi students. Originally titled Ahmadiyya Centenary Gold Medal Awards, students in Pakistan who achieved a first, second, or third position at an educational board or university were recognized. In 2006, under the auspices of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V (ab), this program was expanded to include students and professionals from Jama’ats outside of Pakistan. The criteria for receiving an Ahmadiyya Talent Award represent that which existed for the Ahmadiyya Centenary Gold Medal Awards.

Ahmadiyya Talent Award Gold Medal

Given to the most accomplished applicants: typically in the top 3% of their group, SAT scores in 97th percentile, cumulative GPA 4.0 from a highly ranked university, top-ranked in their class, professionals who have been nationally recognized, etc. These awardees are recognized on stage at Jalsa with a medal and certificate.

Ahmadiyya Talent Award Recognition

Given to highly accomplished applicants: typically in the top 5% of their group, SAT scores in 95th percentile, cumulative GPA >3.8, professionals with local and national recognition, etc. These awardees are recognized on stage at Jalsa with a certificate.

Ahmadiyya Talent Award Finalist

Given to applicants who were strongly considered but were not deemed to be in the top 5% of their group. These awardees’ names are announced at Jalsa and their certificates are mailed to them.

Gold Medal Recipients 2015

Sarah Ahmad, daughter of Naseer Shafique Sahib
ACT 99th percentile | Carl Sandburg High School (Orland Park, IL)

Saba Rehman, daughter of Dr. Lutfur Rehman Sahib
ACT/SAT 99th percentile, GPA 4.568 | Hume Fogg High School (Nashville, TN)

Sabeen Rehman, daughter of Dr. Lutfur Rehman Sahib
ACT/SAT 99th percentile, GPA 4.453 | Hume Fogg High School (Nashville, TN)

Noor, daughter of Dr. Afzalur Rehman Sahib
ACT 99th percentile, GPA 4.1, Salutatorian | Vestal Senior High School (Vestal, NY)

Najia Humayun, daughter of Dr. Naseer Humanyun Sahib
ACT/SAT 97th percentile | Girls Preparatory School (Chattanooga, TN)

Yousuf Shah, son of Dr. Zia Shah Sahib
SAT 99th percentile, GPA 4.0, Valedictorian | Vestal Senior High School (Vestal, NY)

Daaniyal Munir, son of Dawood Munir Sahib
ACT/SAT 99th percentile, GPA 6.87 | Cypress Fair High School (Cypress, TX)

Mutahir Ahmad, son of Maqbool Ahmad Sahib
ACT 99th percentile, GPA 4.17 | Liberal Arts and Science Academy (Austin, TX)

Ahmed Abdul Haque, son of Naveed ul Haque Sahib
ACT 99th percentile, SAT 98th percentile | Bridgeport High School (Bridgeport, WVA)

Tayyab Shah, son of Dr. Zia Shah Sahib
BSc Chemistry, GPA 3.98, highest honors in chemistry
Princeton University (Princeton, NJ)

Sarah Tariq, daughter of Mubashir Tariq Sahib
BA Anthropology, GPA 3.93, Summa Cum Laude
Western Kentucky University (Bowling Green, KY)

Saira Bhatti, daughter of Mohammed Khawas Bhatti Sahib
BA Global Affairs, GPA 3.97, Best Overall Research Award (GMU’s 2014 Undergraduate Research Symposium)
George Mason University (Washington, DC)

Ayesha Wadood, daughter of Mahmud Ahmad Surahman Sahib
BA Child Development and Family Studies, GPA 3.97, Summa Cum Laude
California State University (Long Beach, CA)

Naila Zaffar Razzaq, daughter of Zaffar Ahmad Razzaq Sahib
BA Histories & Literature of Ancient Near East, GPA 3.86, Summa Cum Laude, University Scholar
University of Connecticut (Mansfield, CT)

Saad Rehman, son of Dr. Lutfur Rehman Sahib
MBA, GPA 4.0
Belmont University (Nashville, TN)

Dr. Athar Naveed Malik, son of Nasir Mahmood Malik Sahib
(2013) PhD Neurobiology, Harvard University (Boston, MA)
(2015) MD, Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences & Technology, Harvard Medical School (Boston, MA)
Research published in journals of international acclaim, including Nature
Received Shucart Award for best medical student paper at The New England Neurosurgery Society
Accepted into Neurological Surgery Residency Program at Massachusetts General Hospital

Recognition Recipients 2015

Zara Mirza, daughter of Anees Mirza Sahib
SAT 96th percentile, GPA 3.8, Salutatorian | Oriskany Central School (Orisknay, NY)

Abdall Ahmed, son of Abdul Hafeez Sahib
SAT 96th percentile, GPA 4.13 | South Brunswick High School (Monmouth Junction, NJ)

Maliha Ahmad, daughter of Shoaib Ahmad Sahib
SAT 95th percentile, GPA 4.32 | Valencia High School (Santa Clarita, CA)

Amtul Mansoor, daughter of Mansoor Tahir Sahib
MSc Biomedical Sciences, GPA 3.871
Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ)

Finalist Recipients 2015

Salam Rajayki, daughter of Monawar Rajayki Sahib
MA Accounting, GPA 4.0
Strayer University (online) (Herndon, VA)

Dr. Uswa Ahmad, daughter of Khalid Ahmad Sahib
PharmD, GPA 3.667
Northeastern University (Boston, MA)

Dr. Safeer Bhatti, son of Abdul Bhatti Sahib
PhD Conflict Resolution, thesis published in International Conflict Analysis in South Asia
Nova Southeastern University (Broward County, FL)

Roohani Khazain Studies – Quick Quiz Answer = Hujjatul Islam (The Proof of Islam)

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