Prayer Of The Month

(Holy Qur’an, 14:41)

Rubb-ij-alni muqeemus salate wa min zur-riy-yati. Rub-bana wa taqab-bal du’aa.

"My Lord, make me constant in observing Prayer, and my children too. Our Lord! Bestow Thy grace on me and accept my prayer."

From the Desk of National Ta'lim Secretary

Dear ReadersAssalamo alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

The Holy Month of Ramadhan starts this year on Thursday, June 18. It is the month of special worship, discipline, sacrifice, self-control and self-reformation. By sincerely striving to observe all the requirements of this blessed month, we have the opportunity to protect ourselves against evil and seek Allah’s forgiveness, grace and mercy. Although children and young students are exempt from the rigors of fasting, all believers are expected to indulge in extraordinary remembrance of Allah. May Allah enable us to fulfill all the obligations of Ramadhan according to our capabilities and capacities.

Nasir Mahmood Malik
National Ta’lim Secretary

Roohani Khazain Studies: An excerpt from the Writings of the Promised Messiah (as)

Every particle of earth and heaven glorifies and proclaims the Holiness of Allah and; everything in them is engaged in His glorification and praise. The mountains remember Him, the rivers remember Him, the trees remember Him and many righteous ones are occupied with His remembrance. Whoever fails to remember Him in his heart and by his tongue and does not humble himself before God is compelled to humble himself by being put through diverse types of torment by Divine decree. Whatever is recorded of the angels in the Book of God that they are completely obedient to Him, the same is said of every leaf and every particle in the earth. Everything is obedient to Him, not a leaf can fall without His command, no medicine can heal without His command, nor can any food prove agreeable without it……Of the things of the earth some obey the commandment of the law and some are obedient to Divine decrees and some are occupied with obedience of both. The clouds, air, fire and earth are all devoted to the obedience and glorification of God.

If any human being disobeys the commandments of Divine law, he follows the commandments of Divine decrees. No one is outside the ambit of these two commandments. Everyone bows down to the heavenly kingdom in some form or the other. It is true that having regard to the purity and corruption of human hearts, heedlessness and remembrance of Allah prevail in the earth by turns, but this ebb and flow does not occur by itself, but only in obedience to the Divine will. That happens which God wills. The alternation of guidance and error proceeds like the alternation of day and night according to the light and command of God and not by itself. Despite this, everything hears His voice and glorifies Him.  (Chashma-e-Ma‘rifat, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 23, pp. 97-99)

Roohani Khazain Studies – Quick Quiz (RKS-QQ)

Below are some clues about one book written by the Promised Messiah (as). Can you name the book’s published title? The answer is at the end of this ITK. Are you interested in the subject matter? Write back to us and share your thoughts.

- Published in 1892

- Written as a response to objections raised by Abdullah James (a Christian)

- Objection 1: The Holy Prophet (sa) was doubtful about his own Prophethood and divinity of the Holy Qur’an.

- Objection 2: If the Holy Prophet (sa) was a true Prophet, he would not have responded by saying "Only God knows"; Qur’an describes the sun setting in a pool of murky water, which is impossible.

- Objection 3: The Holy Prophet (sa) did not show any miracles.

- The Promised Messiah (as) wrote: "O readers, and lovers of the truth! Consider with justice and fairness, how expressly God Almighty has informed us that the Holy Prophet (sa) possessed perfect insight and full conviction, and his Prophethood was true, and great signs were shown in his support."

College Corner: Holistic Learning

Ah, finally it’s over. The relief you sighed after finishing tons of final exams. You spent the last several weeks bugging your professors for letters of recommendations, receiving admission letters, filling out extensive summer applications, writing and rewriting your effective personal statement, working to improve test scores, doing school work, papers, final exams, Jama’at work and still have time to spell the word: relax. Although the word “relax” may not have been part of your vocabulary in the past few weeks, I can assure you that if you pick up your personal dictionary you will be sure to find that word now. You have done all that you could and there is practically nothing more you can do. I would use this time to reflect and relax on how well you were able to complete so much work in such a little time. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that you have been overwhelmed with a lot of responsibility and accountability in the past weeks of your life. Allah Ta’alah also tested you each day to see if you too were able to remember Him during this trivial time; and though perhaps the times may have gotten difficult, your utmost obedience in observance of prayer and sacrifice for your Jama’at work is noteworthy without exception. No one can understand the life of a student unless she/he is a student or have spent a quarter of her/his life as a student learning and engaging with advanced curriculum.  One must always remember that no test can be a substitute for Allah’s tests. No project can be worth more points than the projects of Allah Ta’alah. No math homework warrants more numbers than the numbers Allah Ta’alah warrants you.

So you have two months or even a month off from school, what to do? Yeah, you could shop, spend time with family and friends, go on a mini vacation or a cruise, but if you ask me, here are the top 5 things you could do over the summer break:

1. Attend a Spiritual Fitness Camp: Yes, there are spiritual fitness camps happening all over the country and it would be negligent of you to not attend at least one camp to advance your spiritual and moral knowledge/training.

2. Volunteer: Volunteer at a local hospital, community center, non-profit organization or even a homeless shelter. Get the community service hours you need to graduate or earn the distinction from President Obama through the Volunteer Service Award.

3. Do Waqf-e-Arzi: Serve the jama’at for two weeks in any capacity in which jama’at requires assistance. It could be done locally, regionally, nationally or most likely in Merida, Mexico.

4. Do Internship: Look for an internship that will provide hands on training in the field you want to study. See if you can find a paid internship so you can make some extra cash; but if not, unpaid internships will get you memorable experience.

5. Do Research: Though my favorite, but it has to be 5th in ranking. Spend some time researching new innovations or ideas, write a 5-10 page paper and submit it to a local journal or publication. Get recognition of your name in your field of interest. Our Jama’at also has many avenues of much needed research. Contact your local Murabbi sahib for further information.

Well, that’s all the time I have for right now or else I would be spoiling my relaxation time and likewise would be taking precious time away from you. So, have a fun and joyous summer break!

RKS-QQ Answer: AIK ISA-I KAY TIN SAWAL AUR UNKAY JAWABAAT (Three Questions of a Christian and their Answers)

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