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(Holy Qur’an, 20:26-29)

Rub-bish rahli sadri wa yas-sirlee amri wah lul uqdatam-mil-lisaani yafqahoo qauli.

My Lord, expand for me my breast, and make my task easy for me, and loose the knot from my tongue that they may understand my speech.

From the Desk of National Ta'lim Secretary

Dear ReadersAssalamo alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

Completing high school and entering college is an exciting milestone good students look forward to. At this time of the year, most high school seniors are in the throes of completing their college admission applications. Many of them may be stressed out about composing their personal statements or deciding which college(s) they should apply to. Many may be worried about how to pay for college, etc. Some students are resourceful enough to figure it all out on their own or with help from their parents, siblings, friends, student counselors, etc. Others may need help. That is where we in the Ta’leem Department are obligated to provide assistance.

If you or your child is in need of any such assistance, please contact your Local Jama’at Ta’lim Secretary or write directly to We will support your quest for college education. Insha-Allah.

Nasir Mahmood Malik
National Ta’lim Secretary

Roohani Khazain Studies: An excerpt from the Writings of the Promised Messiah (as)

I regret that I have not found words in which I should set out the evils of leaning towards anyone except God. People cringe before others and flatter them, which evoke the jealousy of God Almighty, and is tantamount to praying to people, from which God withdraws and which He casts aside. I set out the matter in a crude way, though it is not its true reality and yet it is easy to follow. A self-respecting man's jealousy would not tolerate another person establishing a relationship with his wife, as in such a case, he would consider his wretched wife worthy of being killed and very often that is what happens in fact. Similar is the jealousy of the Divine. Servitude and prayer are reserved for His Being. He does not approve that anyone else should be worshipped or should be called on in supplication. So remember well that to lean towards any beside Allah is to cut asunder from Him. Prayer and Unity—for Prayer is the name of the proclamation of Unity in practice—are without blessing and vain when they are empty of humility and nothingness and are not pursued with a single-minded heart!

(Malfuzat, Vol. I, pp. 167-168)

Roohani Khazain Studies – Quick Quiz (RKS-QQ)

Below are some clues about one of Promised Messiah’s books. Can you guess this book’s title? The answer is at the end of this issue!

-Published in 1885.

-Debate lasted 15 days.

-Main topic is Divinity of Jesus.

-Includes details of debate between Promised Messiah (as) and Christians (Dr. Clark, Abdullah Atham, Rev. Ihsanullah).

-During the debate period, Christians brought three men: a lame, a blind and a deaf person and asked the Promised Messiah (as) to heal them if he was indeed the second coming of Jesus. He replied that it was Jesus indeed who stated that anyone who has faith as small as a grain of mustard seed, shall be able to perform even greater miracles, so it was up to the Christians to heal them and show the verity of their religion. Upon hearing this, the Christians had no answer.

Graduate Corner: Distance Learning

Technology has changed our lifestyle drastically. Either it is the adaption of an iPad from a paper notepad or making one click payments to all our accounts. Technology has replaced all traditional means. Education is not left behind. Distance Learning (DL) / online education is a highly growing concept.

We cannot deny the benefits of online education. For example, you can save on cost-of-living and travel by choosing anytime and any location. Whether it is your work or home, you can submit your assignment on time. You can be the master of your own schedule.

However, DL has some drawbacks that you should keep in mind while deciding about the most important degree of your life.

For example, you should know that DL is not for everyone. Self-motivation and self-discipline are the keys of success in this case. You might have less support from other learners. This type of learning always demands extra push from the students. Consider the atmosphere where you can't have any campus life, any group study and you might not be able to have any face to face interaction with your instructor. Your surroundings might not be able to give you a true class room feel to concentrate on your course. Most of the evaluations will be based on assignments and written projects that will not allow you to improve your verbal and social skills. Scholarships and financial grants are less common in most DL degrees compared to the conventional institution based degrees. If you are seeking a degree for specific employment purposes only, keep in mind that all DL degrees are not acknowledged by every employer.  All courses cannot be entertained through DL; some specific courses need a brick & mortar environment such as nursing which requires you to be physically present at the lecture. To be successful in DL, the student must be adaptive to new technology.

Here are some of the U.S. universities that offer DL programs:

Arizona State University

Boston University

Drexel University

Northeastern University

Ohio State University

Pennsylvania State University

Rochester Institute of Technology

Stanford University

Washington State University

University of California, Berkeley

University of Florida

University of Wisconsin, Madison

The most important aspect of this kind of education is the accreditation of your desired degree. There are many programs that you can follow and complete, but without proper research into the accrediting body, your degree may be worthless and you may have hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans to pay. Don’t make that mistake.

Roohani Khazain Studies – Quick Quiz Answer: Jang-e-Muqaddas (A Holy War)

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