Prayer Of The Month

(Holy Qur’an, 10:86-87)

Rabbana la taj’alna fitnatal-lil-qaumiz-zaalimeen. Wa nuj-jina bi rahmatika minal qaumil kaafireen.

"Our Lord, make us not a trial for the wrongdoing people. And deliver us by Thy mercy from the disbelieving people."

From the Desk of National Ta'lim Secretary

Dear ReadersAssalamo alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

To support our youth in the pursuit of higher education, we offer limited ‘financial assistance’ to bona fide Ahmadi Muslim students (male and female alike) of the US. This assistance is more a source of blessings than any monetary value. We have three categories of such assistance, (a) merit based scholarships open to all students, (b) need based loans open to all students, and (c) merit/need based scholarships and loans open to African-American students only.

For further details and to apply for any of the above financial assistance, please visit For the 2015-2016 Academic Year, financial assistance applications are due by 5/1/15.

Nasir Mahmood Malik
National Ta’lim Secretary

Roohani Khazain Studies: An excerpt from the Writings of the Promised Messiah (as)

Every people claims that there are many among them who love God Almighty, but what needs to be known is whether God loves them or not. The proof of God's love is that first He removes the veil that prevents a person from believing with certainty in the existence of God. Because of this veil man admits the existence of God with dark and blurred understanding and very often at the time of trial denies His existence altogether. The removal of this veil cannot be achieved except through converse with God. A person drink of the fountain of true under- standing on the day when God addresses him and conveys to him the good news: I am present. At that stage man's understanding does not remain confined to conjecture or argumentation. He comes so near to God as if he sees Him. It is entirely true that perfect faith in God is achieved only when He informs a person of His Own existence. The second sign of God's love is that He not only informs those dear to Him of His existence, but manifests especially to them the signs of His mercy and grace, by accepting their prayers concerning matters which are apparently beyond hope and informing them of it through His revelation and His speech. This reassures them that their God is Powerful Who hears their prayers and informs them of it and delivers them from difficulties. They then understand the mystery of salvation and are convinced of the existence of God. (Hujjat-ul-Islam)

Roohani Khazain Studies – Quick Quiz (RKS-QQ)

Below are some clues about one book written by the Promised Messiah (as). Can you name the book’s published title? The answer is at the end of this ITK. Are you interested in the subject matter? Write back to us and share your thoughts.

- Published in 1905

- Debate held in 1891 at Jami' Masjid (Delhi) with more than 5,000 in attendance

- Background included interesting anecdote: When the Promised Messiah (as) challenged the Mullahs of Delhi to debate him on the topic of the death of Jesus, they didn't accept his invitation, but to appease their followers they set a date for the debate without informing the Promised Messiah (as). Eventually, though, their trick was exposed and they were forced to debate him.

- The debate started with Maulvi Muhammad Nazir Hussain of Delhi, but when he began to misrepresent the beliefs of the Promised Messiah (as) and deviate from the topic at hand, the Promised Messiah (as) reminded the crowd about the topic. Maulvi Hussain continued to deride the Promised Messiah (as) and caused the crowd to get angry. At this the superintendent of police dispersed the crowd and provided a safe passage for the Promised Messiah (as).

- Seeing the ineptness of the Maulvis in Delhi, Maulvi Muhammad Bashir of Bhopal accepted to debate the Promised Messiah (as) on the same topic. This time the debate was to be in writing.

- Promised Messiah (as) quickly dismissed his claims and reminded everyone that the Maulvi has not provided any evidence from either the Quran or Hadith to support the belief that Jesus was still alive.

K-12 College Corner

Getting ready for Fourth Marking Period

It is nearing the end of third marking period. You have just received your interim reports and you either dread to show your parents for fear of consequence or face the opposite: a smile from your father and a big hug by your mother. To earn your parents’ pride for your accomplishments is not an easy task. Whether you are in Kindergarten reading this message or counting down the days until your graduation from high school, you have worked so hard all year to make things perfect in your academic career for the enhancement of knowledge and most of all, to receive those complements from your family and friends. But, I challenge you to this conquest that with the closure of the third marking period entering the fourth one, you do your utmost. You do not wait for a reward or handsome gift that may steer you to your motivation, rather you have the best motivation of all, to please Allah Ta’alaa with the knowledge He bestows upon you. You gain such knowledge by invoking the prayer: Oh God, increase my knowledge.

When you enrich your academic experiences with spirituality, it enables you to become the finest mind because you prove your faith in the existence of God. Once we get blessed by God in this way, then our children will work towards the success of their education to please God first before pleasing their parents. It is a mistake of gift giving individuals to state that it is I who will shower you with these gifts if you do well in your studies, rather they should state that God will bless you with gifts if you do in fact do well in your studies. And, if you do not, God will still love you for your accomplishments and encourage you to do better next time. It is Allah Who will be next to you when you take your exams and do well in your homework assignments. It is God who will never be late to your academic ceremonies and who will always attend your graduations filling all the seats before congratulating and awarding you with immense degrees. When no friend is left around you, God will be the only One left next to you. You just have to make Him your best friend. My father always taught me that if you need anything whatsoever, ask God before you ask me.

College Corner: Five Tips to Befriend Your Exams

As midterm season is approaching, below are several tips for you to ace those exams.

1. Prepare for exams from day one

Be it an in-class exam or a few page essay, studying for exams or other quiz begins from the very first day you receive your syllabus. That means you must fully understand the main concept of the class and try finding connection between the lecture topics, the readings, etc. One easy way to engage with the class syllabus is to read it multiple times, annotate those subject descriptions and lecture topics in your own words to see your prior understanding about the topic. This way you can also get ahead of your peers.

2. Rewrite notes immediately

During lectures, some students take notes as fast as they can write. But when they read their notes later, they need magnifying glass to read their own writing because during lecture it is hard to write neatly. And, when students take notes like this, most often they are not able to fully paraphrase professors’ words in their own words. By rewriting your notes immediately, let us say by setting aside fifteen-minutes for it, you will process that information better because you begin to select the most important points. But if you don’t really have time, try at least rewriting the notes on the same day, let us say at night or whenever you have some free time, so you don’t lose much of the information from the lecture.

3. Annotate readings

You can annotate your readings by writing what you have learned after every paragraph or you can write a bullet-point summary of the assigned reading. And most importantly, answer questions at the end because it becomes like a self-test to see how far you have comprehend the readings.

4. Crosscheck your readings and lecture notes

That means connecting your notes with the readings to create your own study guide by incorporating some sample questions that you predict be in the exam. And if you are unsure whether your predicted questions will come up in exams, it is still fine because the point of writing your predicted exam questions is to practice your comprehension of the subject matter.

5. Teach to learn

Research has shown that when you teach something, you also learn it more because you process the information in your mind and if the people you teach understand you then you have understood that subject as well. Forming study groups is an excellent way to apply this method or if you don’t want to study together, you can create an ‘imaginary’ friend and start teaching him/her (although this sounds strange) but the point is explaining the information out loud will help you to catch some of your misunderstanding. For instance, when you ‘pretend’ teaching about human psychology and you hear that your explanation is wrong, you can go back to your notes and correct that mistake.

6. Take a study break and eat nutritious meals

After several hours of studying, get up from your desk and walk for a few minutes. Also nourish your brain and body with nutritious meal because, like your smart phone or lap top, if you download a free song or movie from a non-credible website, virus will attack your gadget.

7. Study hard but pray harder

As always, nothing is possible without help and guidance from Allah the Almighty. Writing letters to beloved Huzur (ab), offering extra , nawafil or Tahajjud will give you inner peace and boost your confidence to excel in that depressing organic chemistry exam or never-ending five pages of analytical essay. While walking to your class or waiting for a class, try to memorize prayer of the month feature in this issue of ITK. Remembering Allah every time we can will benefit your academic endeavor.


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