E-News                                                       May 29, 2018
Pizza Reduced to Once a Week in Elementary Schools
In conjunction with Susan McCarron, Director of Food and Nutrition Services for MCPS, RFKM is glad to announce that your concerns about repetition of kid foods has been heard and MCPS has reduced pizza to a once a week offering in elementary schools in MCPS (down from twice a week)! In addition, Ms. McCarron indicated that entrée salads will be offered once a week in elementary schools next year, rather than only once a month. 
Ms. McCarron announced these changes in a report, Power Point and testimony to the MCPS Board of Education on May 21, 2018. Other announcements on upcoming and completed changes made during that report include: 
Reductions in sugar in offerings including: 
  • A move to decrease waffles and pancakes at breakfast, and an increase in omelets, breakfast sandwiches and whole grain bagels
  • A reduction in the sugar in the chocolate milk from 22 grams (10 added) to 19 grams (7 added) next year
New entrées piloted with more widespread introductions planned this year and next: 
  • Chicken coconut curry
  • Turkey chorizo
  • Korean street tacos
New fruit and vegetables and sides piloted with more widespread introductions planned this year and next: 
  • Chicken ancient grain vegetable soup
  • Corn and edamame mixture
  • Roasted broccoli and butternut squash, which will be bundled with mealspizza with roasted vegetables
  • Roasted vegetables on pizza (photo at right)
  • A grant application for more Vitamixes in order to offer fresh fruit and yogurt smoothies at breakfast, which were piloted with great success in two high schools this year at breakfast, then lunch (Clarksburg and Wheaton HS)
Expansions of vegan, vegetarian and salad options:mediterranean vegan salad
  • A new Mediterranean vegan entrée salad (photo at right)
  • A plan to bring back some salad bar kiosks in lunch lines next year, including all of the fresh fruits and vegetables, with all kids going through it
  • The hope that at some point all schools will have salad and fruit bars at every school
  • A positive reception for self-serve large large tossed salads served in elementary schoolstossed salads in elementary schools (photo at right)
  • Working on a vegan chili for the fall
  • Looking to uses pulses (e.g., peas, lentils, beans) in plant-based entrees – e.g., power bowls with greens, ancient grains and pulses
Other announcements:
  • The removal of the straws from their packets for next year (for environmental concerns)
  • The introduction soon of a new web site (for which RFKM provided feedback) that will eventually include ingredient lists for all foods
We’re very excited to see that MCPS has been listening to your voices that we have helped to transmit through our meetings, advocacy campaigns and School Food Environment Grades and thankful to Susan McCarron for the leadership and collaborative spirit she has shown in her first year as Director of DFNS. You can share your appreciation and thanks with Ms. McCarron through her email.
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Through yearly member surveys, RFKM establishes priorities that you care about, then amplifies your voices through our advocacy. Reducing the frequency of kids foods and reducing sugar in MCPS offerings have been top priorities for our members for years, and our advocacy has finally brought about some changes in these areas. If you believe that advocacy voice is important to support, please donate now
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