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June 27, 2014
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Thousands of Free Lunches Skipped Every Day in DC Area

Broadcast on May 29 by NBC News 4, this story features our very own Gaithersburg High School. According to News 4, thousands of free lunches are skipped each day in DC area schools because kids 


either don't like the cafeteria food, there is a stigma attached to eating it, or they eat off campus. (About half of the high schools in MCPS are open campuses where kids can leave for lunch).


There are 49,344 students in MCPS who qualify for free or reduced price lunches (FARMS).  According to this story, 1 in 4 kids who qualify don't take the free lunch, costing schools $3 in federal reimbursement money for every free lunch not taken. In our rough estimation, this translates to a loss of about $37,000 every day these kids in MCPS don't eat the free lunch for which they are qualified.


If MCPS served whole, fresh and delicious lunches - and curtailed the practice of selling snacks in the cafeteria at lunchtime - it could result in an increase in revenue, as more kids who qualify for free lunches might enjoy eating them.


Please watch this clip at least twice. The second time, pay close attention to shots of the cafeteria food and snack offerings.  If you don’t have time to visit your child’s school cafeteria, this clip is the next best thing.

Thanks to the Parents' Coalition of Montgomery County for bringing this story to our attention.


"I teach high school and the students are begging for healthier choices--especially the kids who receive free and reduced meals. Their options are limited."

- an MCPS Teacher

RFKM and the Washington Spirit

Mark your calendar for two fun nights with the Washington Spirit, Mōaryland's professional women's soccer team: Wednesday, July 2 and Wednesday, July 30. RFKM will have a table at these two 'Spirit Cares' nights at the Maryland Soccerplex Stadium in Boyds, MD. Call Natalie Pardo, 240-812-7014 or 703-674-6093 for tickets or order online. Use promo code "RFKM" to get a $5 discount.

If you believe in our mission, please support us. This work takes a lot of time and effort! Thanks!

A Science-based Approach to Getting Kids to Eat Their Veggies at School

As part of a study by American University Professor and Associate Dean Stacey Snelling, students in DC Public Schools are tasting different preparations of vegetables and voting on their favorites. Results to date show drastic increases in consumption when kids get to choose their favorites post-sampling. Listen to or read the story for a great example of how MCPS could be dealing with the issue of plate waste.

Articles of Interest

Is taxation of sugar-sweetened beverages right around the corner? Watch this video on added sugar and let us know what you think!

Petition to Continue

While RFKM did submit its petition to MCPS on June 3, because signatures continue to come in and we have no guarantee that our requests will be answered, we have decided to leave it open to continue to draw in more supporters. So if you missed signing it, please do now!


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