News from the Future | August 2016
IFTF News from the Future | August 2016

Marina Gorbis: Envisioning and making the future must be a massively public endeavor

IFTF is motivated by the belief that everyone needs to be part of the conversation about the future as well as become actively engaged in making that future. Our Executive Director, Marina Gorbis, shares five reasons why futures thinking and futures making are urgent needs in our society—and why we all should help develop and distribute the tools and skills of foresight. More »

Blockchain Futures Lab: A new digital paradigm 

What will a world driven by blockchains look like a decade from now? IFTF's new Blockchain Futures Lab develops foresight, prototypes, and initiates community-based investigations into the social, economic, and political implications of this new paradigm. Start with our two-minute explainer video below, follow the Lab's blog, and join the program for in-depth research. More »

Blockhain Futures Lab Video




Voices from the Future of Work with the U.S. Department of Labor

IFTF panel at US Department of LaborOn June 7, Marina Gorbis, Devin Fidler, and Rod Falcon shared the results from detailed interviews with on-demand workers at the U.S. Department of Labor. As part of our Workable Futures Initiative, we conducted ethnographic interviews with individuals throughout the on-demand economy, including people who are transitioning back into the workforce after time away, supplementing other income, or earning their full-time living on digital platforms. Our work is helping to drive new policies to make a workable future for all. More »

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Health Futures Lab
Health Futures—Sept 13-15
The Global Health Economy

We’ve just experienced a decade in which people looked beyond the traditional health care delivery system and turned to the broader marketplace in pursuit of health and well-being; this shift is far from over. Changes in society and technology are still reshaping the Global Health Economy—the coming decade holds the potential for radical transformation. The interplay of social and technological change will define the opportunities and challenges in the Global Health Economy over the next decade. More »


Food Futures Lab
Food Futures—Oct 13
Transforming the Experience Economy of Food   

The food innovation efforts of recent years are creating a proliferation of ways to grow, access, cook, and eat food around the world. The rapidly changing and expanding demands and expectations on food are also opening new ways to create and capture value across food systems. As we look to 2026, the very contexts in which we engage with food—our homes, at work, in retail and community spaces, and everywhere in between—will amplify and give meaning to the change we want to see. More »


Tech Futures Lab
Tech Futures—Nov 2-3

When Everything is Media: Communication and Collaboration

The ways we collaborate, connect, and communicate will multiply and decouple from the limits of place, time, and even language. Collaboration will transform as we’re called to work across generations, geographies, scales, and even with bots and machines. A future of tools, interfaces, and technologies could bring coherence and precision to the ways we communicate and share information and knowledge. More »

Become a Futurist with IFTF’s Foresight Studio

IFTF's Foresight Studio

Built on a 48-year foundation of futures work, our Foresight Studio offer nuts-and-bolts immersions in futures methodologies and tools. The trainings are designed to help you grow your skills in the art and science of foresight, and to join a vibrant network of practitioners around the globe. Register today for our Signature Trainings on October 18-20 and December 6-8 and a Foresight for Philanthropy Intensive on January 18-20More »

Join us September 28 for Real Food Real Stories with Farmer Nikiko Masumoto

9.28.16 RFRS Picnic - Masumoto Family Farm

IFTF Future for Good Fellow Nikiko Masumoto first learned to love food as a young girl on the Masumoto Family Farm in California's Central Valley. Today she is a farmer, artist, and leader working alongside her father to raise organic fruit and add another generation’s voice to the story of her family's farm and our future food system. Join Real Food Real Stories and IFTF’s Food Futures Lab and Future for Good program for an evening of stories about farming, food, art, and community. More »

Now available! New research from across IFTF


bio:made research map
Bio:made future creations
Where the tech revolution meets the bio revolution 

In the next decade, anyone will be able to design and build with nature’s smallest and most sophisticated materials almost as easily as using a computer. We’ll edit genes and birth entirely new organisms—and program life itself. Our forecasts for this bio:made future is your guide to this new landscape of the forces of change and signals of innovation that are happening today. More »


Maker City Playbook
Maker City Playbook
A practical guide to reinventing American cities 

A new book by Peter Hirshberg, Dale Dougherty, and Marcia Kadanoff with IFTF's Rod Falcon designed to help cities understand the Maker movement and its impact on ecosystem development, education, advanced manufacturing, workforce development, and real estate. More »



Caregiving 2031
Scenarios for Caregiving 2031

Igniting social R&D to build a 21st Century Care Layer

With support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, IFTF created three scenarios that explore caregiving in the year 2031 and are intended to provoke a wider discussion about current alternatives to improve support for caregivers. The accompanying toolkit is your guide to exploring the complex issues of caregiving and identifying promising options to address these challenges, using the three future scenarios as a starting point. More »  •  @IFTF  •  IFTF on Facebook

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