Fall News: Cabins, OG Fire Lookout, parking, winter access and much more!
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What's happening in the Rec Site these days?  Well....a few items below:
•    A new cabin to replace Sunspot is being built by some of the same people who brought Rossland our famous Olaus Jeldness statue.  The new cabin is in a nearby location with a great view.  (The old Sunspot hut has been taken down.)  The new cabin will have a new name, to be chosen by the people who have generously donated the funds to build it.  Watch for the grand opening!

•    Chimo Cabin, which replaces Rock and Roll, is also moving towards completion.  (Rock and Roll has been removed.  Some of its rock and roll memorabilia will be displayed in the new Cabin.)  Chimo sits on a rocky knoll near the old Rock and Roll site, with panoramic views towards the south.  It’s a project of some members of our local military engineering units, and does them proud.

•    The Old Glory Fire Lookout is being restored, with this year’s projects focusing on restoring the foundation, replacing the windows with stronger glass, installing a new door, and reconstructing the lightning grounding system.  Next year it will receive a new finish inside and out, interpretive signage, and a “fire-finder” so you can spot your favorite peaks on the map table.  (The shutters will be taken down for the summer season, so you can see out the new windows.)

•    Numerous projects are underway to improve winter access, especially to the “near an easy” cabins and terrain that attract most Rec Site visitors.  The trek to Mosquito, Red Dog, and Chimo Cabin will be much easier, as will the trip to and from the new cabin replacing Sunspot.  Routes have been opened up so that a circle tour to Viewpoint can be done more easily.

•    A professional thinning crew is clearing access through White Owl Pass and in Lepsoe Basin, where we need to comply with Forestry rules.  We expect the downhill part of your ski tour will be much easier this coming winter.

•    Parking has been improved at the Crowe Forest Service Road and the Old Glory trailhead, and improved parking at Strawberry Pass and elsewhere along Highway 3B is being actively planned.

•    Signage is being readied for installation at trailheads and major intersections, with “you are here” maps to keep you on course.

•    An order has been placed for massive quantities of snow, beginning right after our fall projects are completed.


•    Although we have brought in machines to do the heavy work of clearing brush from the popular routes utilizing forestry roads, there is much more roadside growth than can be trimmed with clippers and loppers  to make skiing and snowshoeing trips more enjoyable, particularly along the Crowe Road and the spur road leading towards  the Cookie Jar site.

Brush invading roads can be cut at any time without formal approval.  You can pick a piece of road, clear away the evil Alder, and become Heroes of the Mountain Kingdom.

If you would like some guidance on where to cut, choice of tools, or other questions you may have, you can contact Kim Deane at 250-362-5648, kim@rosslandrange.org, or Rob Richardson  250-362-5881.

•    The west slopes of Mt. Crowe offer many fine ski descent lines – subject to more fallen trees than really necessary.  Those who have taken the Rec Site’s course on chainsaw operation can satisfy their need to cut by helping drop an entire mountainside of dead and down trees, with a big payback when it snows.

Les Carter will shortly be sending out a note to the volunteers who have their chainsaw qualifications, suggesting some dates for work parties.  Meanwhile, you can contact Les if you have a free day.  He’s at 250-362-5677, les@rosslandrange.org.

•    Don Vockeroth and his family are renovating Red Dog cabin to make it more attractive and rodent-safe.  They are removing the present woodshed, which will become an open porch, installing a new woodshed and outhouse, and generally polishing up and preserving the whole structure.  It’s a sizeable project, time before winter is short, and they could use a hand.

If you would like to help restore this classic cabin, you can call Don at 250-362-9428, donv@rosslandrange.org. 

•    Removal of old huts has produced some garbage that needs to be hauled to the Regional District’s solid waste dump.  If you have suitable pickup truck and would like to help clean up the Rec Site, you can contact Les at 250-362-5677, les@rosslandrange.org. 

(The Regional District waives tipping fees for garbage hauled from the Rec Site by volunteers.  And we can help with the cost of fuel.)

Remember:  The success of the Rossland Range Recreation Site depends on the efforts of volunteers, and on donations made by the many people who love their local mountains.  To make a donation, or become involved, check out our website at www.rosslandrange.org

The Rossland Range Recreation Site is approximately 4,450 hectares of the Rossland Range high country, designated for public recreation by the Ministry of Forests and managed by the community under an agreement between the Ministry’s Recreation Sites and Trails Branch and the Friends of the Rossland Range Society (FORRS).

FORRS memberships are now a mere $5/person for a lifetime.  Your membership counts!  The more FORRS members there are, the more weight we have with governments and funders.  If you are not yet a lifetime member, you can go to www.rosslandrange.org, and click on “Join Now.”​



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