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October 2013
Fall Update

Hello ,

As we head into the fall season, the team at Lystek are taking a few moments to reflect on what has been a very busy and successful year so far. In this first electronic newsletter, we wanted to share with you some of the exciting projects our team and partners are working on. 


2013 has been one of the most successful years in our history. Working with our clients and partners:

    Rick Recieving award

We Made the Front Page!

The Southgate OMRC is now open! Ontario Farmer, a leading agricultural publication, featured Lystek on the front page of a recent edition! Highlighting the opening of our Southgate OMRC in Dundalk, the article discussed our patented technology and the benefits Ontario Farmers will recieved from our
CFIA fertilizer. To see the article, click here.

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The Southgate OMRC in Dundalk is Now Open! 

We are proud to announce that our world-class Organic Materials Recovery Centre (OMRC) is now open and operating in the Southgate Eco Park in Dundalk, Ontario. The centre has the capacity to accept and process approximately 150,000 tonnes of biosolids and other non-hazardous organic material a year and is already converting material from Toronto, Orangeville, Kitchener and Midland into fertilizer.   
Dundalk Building

A recent tour of the facility by over 75 farmers and other agricultural professionals confirms that the demand for Lystek fertilizer is strong. Lystek has already secured commitments from numerous farmers for the purchase of LysteGro fertilizer.

Throughout our site construction and now with our plant fully operational, Lystek has worked closely with the community answering questions about our technology and its benefits. One of the most important efforts we have made over the past year has been the voluntary assembly and support of a Public Advisory Committee (PAC) for the plant. The PAC is made up of local citizens interested in biosolid best practice management and quality of life for community residents. The PAC meets quarterly to share comments they are hearing from the community and to learn more about Lystek technology. You can read a copy of the committees most recent minutes here.

From the Desk of Dr. Ward

Dr. Ward is a founder of Lystek Inc, a co-inventor of its patented technology and is a Professor at University of Waterloo. He is a former president of the Canadian Society of Microbiologists and a former director of the US based Society of Industrial Microbiology. With 35 years industrial and academic experience in bioprocess research and development, Dr. Ward has published over 200 papers and authored 6 books in different areas of biotechnology.

This is an except from a recent newspaper column, Biosolids: The Right Thing to Do".
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As chemical fertilizer supply is being depleted, the long-term security of our food supply demands that biosolids be recycled as biofertilizer to meet the needs of sustainable agriculture. At a time when the increasing cost of chemical fertilizers is eating into farmers crop production margins, the use of biosolids as a replacement for some of the nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) value of chemical fertilizers provides farmers with considerable relief on their fertilizer costs. 

There are very important reasons for replacing at least a portion of chemical fertilizer demand with organic fertilizer such as biosolids. It is well known that intensive farming over time removes essential micronutrients, diminishing soil fertility. The application of biosolids to land recycles these essential micronutrients to the soil, whereas chemical fertilizers do not. 

It is also well established that the replacement of chemical fertilizers with biosolids and other organic fertilizer, substantially improves soil organic matter in a number of ways. Firstly, this enhanced organic content improves soil quality properties, including its structure, stability and soil surface strength. With biosolids application, soil porosity (how much water soil can hold) is increased and aeration is also improved.  

Enhancement of the soil by biosolids also protects against soil erosion. The higher the organic content of soil, the greater its capacity to retain water rather than loosing water through evaporation. One can easily appreciate that this is particularly important during prolonged periods of drought, for example, as were experienced in more than half the states in the US and in large parts of Canada during the summer of 2012. 

There are also other important global environmental beneficial effects in replacing synthetic chemical fertilizers with biosolids. Chemical fertilizers use more energy during their production compared to the low energy use involved in recycling of organic products such as Lystek’s bio-fertilizer. In addition, soils treated with biosolids and other organic fertilizers have an elevated capacity to sequester and retain organic carbon as compared with soils receiving synthetic fertilizers. 

In conclusion, biosolid application is something we all need to support. Scientific evidence has demonstrated that properly regulated biosolids are safe for land application. Biosolids are cheaper than synthetic fertilizer meaning cost savings for farmers. Biosolids application also recycles other micronutrients into the soil, which are essential for plant growth and long-term soil fertility. The organic content of biosolids greatly improves soil structure, water retention and reduces soil erosion. Finally, agricultural use of biosolids in place of depleting chemical fertilizer reserves contributes to the long-term sustainability of agriculture and the food supply, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and counteracts global warming. Simply put: land application of biosolids is the right thing to do. | 226.444.0186 facebook GIFlinkedin GIFtwitter GIF

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