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One of America's classic and most beloved series of detective mysteries is back!
Act of Fear - 3D 3

     For just 99¢ you can buy Act of Fear! Sale ends soon.
Act of Fear — #1 in the series:
     Dan Fortune’s boyhood friend Andy Pappas liked his life of crime. Pappas grew up to be a vicious racketeer.
     Still, he’d let Dan be familiar, call him by his first name, even give him crap – until now. 
     But now Dan is tracking a teenager in what looks like a routine missing-persons case.
     Pappas warns Dan that unless he cools it, he’ll end up a corpse.
     It doesn’t make sense: Why does Andy Pappas care about the kid, and what does Dan need to do to stay alive long enough to find out and maybe save him?

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Dear Readers,
     After three years of work, I'm excited to reveal that the Edgar-award winning Dan Fortune private eye novels are finally back in print, for the first time in Kindle & trade paperback.
     You can read all 17 in sequence, starting with Act of Fear (1967) & continuing to Cassandra in Red (1992).
     Hailed by readers & critics, the books are terrific detective tales & bring to life the colorful periods in which they were written.
     Our family is thrilled. We hope you will be, too.
            Happy reading! Gayle

DENNIS favorite closeup

Meet Dennis!

     Den & I were married for some 20 years, two authors raising children & writing constantly. It was a busy, engaging, & fulfilling life.
     Den was significantly older than I & taught me a lot about writing. But I could never master the mystery form, & as hard as he tried, he never understood how to write a thriller.
     This was a good way to avoid a lot of fights. We used to laugh about that.

     Dennis Lynds published some 60 novels and 200 short stories.

     "To spin tales as intriguing and thought provoking as these for decades is a remarkable enough achievement. Even more remarkable is the sustained quality.... It takes style to bring that off. Bravery, too, of course." Dick Lochte, The Los Angeles Times

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“Finely honed suspense"New York Times

“Smashing … leaves the reader breathless.”Publishers Weekly

"Tough, believable"San Francisco Chronicle

“Superb characters, excellent plotting” Booklist

“A master of crime fiction.”Ellery Queen

“The creation of one-armed detective Dan Fortune helped revive the old-fashioned detective yarn.” Tulsa World

"Like most men who despise money, I always need some."  —Dan Fortune

"He sat on the bar stool with the air of a man who has learned that a bar stool is man’s best friend."
Dan Fortune
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