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Mothers' Day

Dear Friends, Fans & Family...
Mother’s Day is coming right up, and no matter what kind of relationship you may have had, or continue to have, with your mother I suggest that we all take a moment to bow our heads in respectful gratitude, and/or leap up in joyful and appreciative recognition.  Possibly both at the same time, which would make for an entertaining YouTube video.
If you are a mother, or have ever acted in that capacity for anyone or anything, you will have an appreciation for the total back-breaking, sleep-depriving, worry-inducing, heart-rendingly JOYOUS and exhausting job that it is. It is the hardest and most rewarding thing you will ever do.
Real life mothers never get over it. The impulse to love wildly and unconditionally, to nurture and support (even if we don’t always pull it off very well) seems to last forever. We are fools for love. Which is one reason that we agree, somewhat blindly, to go through the shockingly irreversible physical changes associated with childbirth.  Remember that cute little flat stomach you were so proud of in college? You will never have it again, even if you work out and do hundreds of sit-ups every day. Never. Ever.
In a world where fancy technological devices get a lot of press, and amazing advancements are made every day in the fields of medicine, science, and the arts, there is one benevolent and life-changing invention that is often overlooked when we are shouting out accolades:  Spanks. They speak for themselves.

So Mom deserves more than just a cheesy Hallmark card once a year. Most of the incredibly important things that she (or someone like her) did for us, we don’t even remember because we were either too young or too oblivious. Through it all, Mom shines like the angelic soldier she is, or was.  Good or bad, she helped make us who we are today.
Some years ago JD and I did a full-on 12 day vision quest in the high mountains of Colorado. This is deep soul work, ladies and gentlemen, and not for sissies. And also not exactly a fun physical romp since you are hefting a 50-lb backpack, and will be required to spend a 4-day solo fast out in the wilderness by yourself, doing ceremony and crying for a vision, all the time trying not to get fixated on the wonderfully addictive sense memory of your great-grandmother’s homemade spice cake, which will NOT be available.
Out in the wild natural world, Mother Earth is your teacher and your sustainer, on every level. Everyone will have a different experience, of course, but for me being out there was partly grueling, partly boring, and partly ecstatic.

After 3 days of not eating I was just weak enough that I couldn’t ignore or resist the strong and life-affirming messages coming from what I will call here “Holy Mother”….The feminine face of God in all her gutsy aspects. It’s easy to remember the loving ideals, her sweet nurturing goddessy sides. But we must also include kick-ass Artemis the archetypal hunter, and Pele who rules fire and volcanoes. And we all carry in our core the primeval energy of the Hindu goddess Kali, the dark and scary creator-preserver-destroyer who makes Lord Shiva look like a cute bad boy by comparison. Seriously, don’t mess with Her.

But Holy Mother is far more than the sum of all these parts.....And she loves you, fiercely and tenderly, forever, beyond beyonding.  She is always there for each of us, no matter what. I keep her around every day, and she truly saves me in ways I can’t even begin to talk about.
So we offer you the song I received out on that Vision Quest in 1998. With JD’s invaluable help, I was able to record and include it on my Gypsy Midwife album and present it to my own wonderful Mom in December of 1999, a few months before she died.  She loved it. We hope somehow you will too.  Here it is:  Holy Mother.

Love from Jan & JD



JD's Mom

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Jan's Mom

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