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March News....Pronoia

Dear Friends, Fans & Family....

How lovely to know that spring is on the way, even though we still have
plenty of winter to slog through here in the Roaring Fork Valley of
Colorado.  Monday the weather and the roads were so bad that they closed the schools.....Snow Day in March!  A big treat for kids of all ages.

It's good to remember that everything really is working perfectly, in
spite of some external evidence to the contrary.  (Don't even get me
started on Congress and the Sequester.)  Listen to the lyrics to one of
our newest songs, "Easy":

"Flowers bloom, the seasons unfold,
You plant a seed, it knows how to grow
The sun will rise, the wind blows free
This old world is wiser than me......"

It all depends on where you focus your attention, right?  A few years
ago some good friends gave us a book called "Pronoia," which is the
opposite of Paranoia.  Pronoia is the sneaking suspicion that everything
is conspiring for our good.  That certainly flips things around....

There are a couple of Einstein quotes that are fun to pull out when
things look a little iffy on the outside.  First, (and this is a
paraphrase, because I don't have the exact words, and anyway he was
speaking in German) he said that you cannot solve a problem from the
same level of consciousness that created it.  This seems like an obvious
invitation to wake up and step into our evolutionary birthright, even if
it means letting go of our favorite complaints and excuses.  Many bright
souls are already playing around with this one.

Secondly, Einstein supposedly said that the most important question we
can ask and answer for ourselves is this:  Is this a friendly universe?  
If the answer is a collective YES, I think we're all in for a very fun
and productive future.

Thanks, as always, for your kind attention and support.  The music loves
you and so do we.  Please stay tuned.....we hope to see you in person
soon at one of our up & coming events, listed in our calendar page.

Love from Jan & JD




Upcoming Events

We are headed to Northern California next week to sing in Santa Cruz and Oakland.  Then back to Colorado for a ski-in Easter Sunrise service on the top of Aspen Mountain,  March 31st.  The main speaker will be Rami Shapiro, one of our favorite rabbis!  (Isn't that intriquing?)  

We will be playing in Avon, CO in April. Then in May we will be in Ohio and Arizona.  June takes us to events in Virginia.  Please check our calendar for all the details.

Stay Tuned! 


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