November News...Remixed CD & Practicing Thanksgiving November News...Remixed CD & Practicing Thanksgiving

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Practicing Thanksgiving....

Dear Friends, Fans & Family....

Great news!  We have just finished re-mixing and re-mastering our last CD, “Inside the Songwriters’ Studio.”  The result is an even more refined and dynamic version of these beautiful heart songs. If you have not yet purchased this album you can do it now, either as a digital download, or as a physical CD and companion booklet by going to our Music Store: (By the way, this package makes a GREAT holiday gift, and we are happy to sign the booklet if you let us know in advance.)
If you have already bought the album and would like the updated version, please let us know and we will send you a free download.
As often happens to many of us after an intense period of creative work, JD and I now find ourselves in a bit of a lull. Maybe it’s just this time of year? We are grateful to have made it through the commercial insanity of Halloween. Although we love the little trick-or-treaters and totally relate to the deep Celtic wisdom of All Hallows Eve, we have never been in love with those awful fake cobwebs and scary spiders strung on people’s porches and in local restaurants throughout the month of October.  And now that all the Halloween candy is on sale everywhere…It adds a new dimension to the word “scary.”
But as we look out our window now, things are brown and grey, and increasingly cold. Happy November. The leaves have all fallen, and have been dutifully raked. It has snowed some, but the ski lifts won’t be open for a month. It will be weeks yet before the affable too-much-ness of Thanksgiving. There’s not a lot of pizzazz in the middle of November. How to stay inspired and tuned in, when what we really feel like doing is just taking a big nap until the holidays start ramping up, and we can be swept up in Joy to the World? The truth is, we never want to waste even one day of our wild and precious life.
So we’ve decided to start rehearsing for Thanksgiving.  According to the Heart Math Institute in Santa Cruz, CA, and the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, the vibration of gratitude is right up there with love and joy. And it’s our personal (pseudo-scientific) experience that it’s almost impossible to be grateful and bummed out at the same time.

So we’re leaping into appreciation, which is just another face of gratitude….making lists, shifting our perspective, actively noticing the subtle beauty everywhere present, inside and out. We are officially lightening up, getting over ourselves, and turning up the volume on humor and compassion.  Here’s a fun and goofy song you can sing along on. We know that great new ideas and soulful projects will naturally spring from this heart energy, for all of us.
We like the way the word “appreciation” is used in the English language to mean “becoming more valuable.” Your grandmother’s antique jewelry appreciates in value over time, as does a good real estate investment. We want each of you to know how very much we appreciate you all for showing up, tuning in, and bringing your gifts and talents into the world. You are enormously valuable to us, and to our music, and we are grateful beyond measure.
If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, maybe richness abounds in the HEART of the beholder, and in the ability to receive all these gifts of love and joy as time goes by. Happy Thanksgiving!

Love from Jan & JD



We heard "Acapella Soul" outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art on our recent visit to NYC
Click here to listen to them singing a little bit of
"Your Love Keeps Lifting Me"

Upcoming Events

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• November 17
    JD is the special music at Unity in the Seven Hills
    Lynchburg, VA

• November 24
    Music & Message at Unity of Fort Collins
    Fort Collins, CO

• December 1
   Music & Message at Unity of the Mountains
   Avon, CO

• December 21
   Our 23rd Annual Winter Solstice Concert
   Aspen, CO

• January 12
   Music & Message at Unity of Clearwater
   Clearwater, FL

• January 17-19
   Positive Music Festival
   Orlando, FL
• January 19
   Music & Message at Unity of Sebring
   Sebring, FL

Please check our calendar for all the details.  Hope to see you soon.

We are still in the process of filling in our calendar.  We would love to come to your area.  If you have any ideas, please feel free to contact us.


Stay Tuned! 


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