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Music Awards

Dear Friends, Fans & Family....

We have made it gratefully through the freezing cold end of January in the mountains, Ground Hog's Day, and Superbowl Sunday.  JD went skiing, and Jan watched Downton Abbey while working on some tricky new song lyrics.  We hope all is well wherever you are.
We just got back from a very fun and fruitful week at the Positive Music festivities in Orlando where we teamed up with other top notch songwriters to work on new songs, teach some inspiring classes at the EmPower song school, and participate in 3 nights of concerts.  Crazy busy, but altogether exhilarating for all who attend.  We would love to see you there next year:
Big News is that we took first place in two out of the six songwriting categories!  We are humbly grateful for this embarrassment of riches, and are delighted to introduce you to our brilliant co-writers:
     Personal Transformation: "The Spaces In Between Us," words and music by Jan Garrett, JD Martin, & Lisa Aschmann.  We love this song, and the story behind it, both of which are included in our newest CD, "Inside the Songwriters' Studio."  Click here for a free preview.

     New Thought: "Center of the Heart," words and music by Jan Garrett, Annie Sims & Greg Sims.  
There's an interesting twist to this one which proves that the creative process is never actually finished, just temporarily abandoned until either something new shows up, or until you can't stand it anymore, whichever comes first.
Annie and Greg and I first wrote "Center of the Heart" with Sunday mornings at spiritual centers in mind.  It only had one verse which we repeated twice so the audience could do a call & response with us on the chorus.  That's how Annie sang it, and that's the way I recorded it for this year's positive music compilation CD.  
Then, a couple of months ago Annie & Greg (who live in Nashville) called to say that a country music song plugger told them he might be interested in our song if we would change some words and add a new verse to make it more romantic and commercial in that market. Hmmmmmm. I personally couldn't quite picture us ending up at the Grand Ole Opry, but I gave it a shot anyway.  The new lyrics refused to veer into steamy territory.  As often happens, the words had a mind of their own and insisted on sticking to the original vibe of the song.



Now we have a new 2nd verse, included here for you to listen to.  The country music guy has disappeared for the time being, but we are grateful for the odd prod anyway.  Maybe he'll show up again later in a different disguise.....
In the meantime, we invite you to check out our calendar and join us for upcoming events whenever you can.

Love from Jan & JD


Upcoming Events

We are singing in Ft. Collins, CO on the 16th for a House Concert and on the 17th at Whole Life Center for Spiritual Living.  In the coming months we will be in N. California, Ohio, and Arizona.  Please check our calendar for all the details.

Stay Tuned!



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