April Foolishness & Upcoming Events April Foolishness & Upcoming Events

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April Foolishness

Dear Friends, Fans & Family....

We are still reeling from April Fool’s Day and its attendant silliness,
and are hoping that the weather forecast for another big snowstorm
tonight here in the high country is a joke. Ha ha. Maybe it’s getting
green and blossom-y where you live?

Whatever’s happening on the outside, we think it’s time to lighten up.
Here’s a goofy little song we wrote a couple of years ago: April Fool!

Speaking of fools.....the name of my publishing company is “Foolchild
I went through a period many years ago when I was entranced with the Voyager Tarot deck. It seemed like every time I drew a card randomly out of the deck, the Fool would show up. (I should point out that I am NOT an expert on the Tarot. I have dabbled just enough to make myself dangerous, or come out looking like a complete idiot. Or both. Perfect.)

There are 22 archetypes in the Major Arcana of the Tarot, starting with
Zero (“The Fool”) and ending with 21, “The Universe.” The Fool is
usually pictured blithely stepping off a cliff in sublime innocence (la la la) not yet knowing that in order to become a fully realized human being, he (she) will have to slog through (deepen into, and ultimately embody) all the other archetypes, 21 of them! And that’s not even counting all the Crystals, Cups, Worlds, and Wands of the Minor Arcana which are there to assist in her evolution as her journey unfolds.

This all feels so familiar. Wonderful and horrible. Delicious. Overwhelming. It’s pretty clear that the left side of the brain is not up to plumbing the depths of the divine mystery. So life arranges perfect collisions with everything we need at exactly the right time, even if we have no idea what we’re doing.  Our natural intuition has a way of kicking in to cover the gaps.

The Fool tells us not to worry; it’s OK. We’re all bozos on the bus. It
doesn’t hurt us to slip on our own banana peel every once in a while.
The best punch lines are the ones we don’t see coming.

Some people say that the Fool is the highest card in the deck. I have
been told by brilliant soulful scholars who understand the Tarot well,
that once you have gone all the way round the life-death-cycle and
incorporate all those intricate and necessary lessons, you come back to
the Fool archetype again. But now you are a WISE fool. You are still
walking off the cliff...but now (bruised, broken open, radiant,
compassionate, hilarious) you are humbly grateful, in complete awe, and
in the full power of surrender. You have a smile on your face again.  La
la la.....

So here’s a little creative assignment for you. Complete the following story: “A Priest, a Rabbi, and a Fool walk into a bar.......”

Happy Spring!

Love from Jan & JD



Upcoming Events

April 21   
    Music & Message at Unity of the Mountains in Avon, CO

• May 3
    House Concert in Dublin, OH

• May 4
    "First Spirit Chant" in Columbus, OH

• May 5
    Music & Message at Columbus Center for Spiritual Living in Columbus, OH

• May 12
    Music & Message at Unity of the White Mountains in Lakeside, AZ

• May 19
    Music & Message at Unity of Prescott in Prescott, AZ


We will be doing multiple events in Virginia in June.  Please check our calendar for all the details.  Hope to see you soon.

Stay Tuned!



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