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All These Gifts

Dear Friends, Fans & Family...

Halloween is over, and now we can concentrate on eating all the Reese’s peanut butter cups we didn’t give out to the little trick-or-treaters. We have moved through All Saints’ Day, and All Souls’ Day, (which our Episcopalian friends tell us is the awareness of dear departed loved ones, who are now loving us as a Cloud of Witnesses.)   

Those of us who are left here on this gorgeous light/dark planet do our best, day by day, to be who we really are. And mostly just to be grateful for All These Gifts that surround and infuse us all the time. Thanksgiving is on the way, after all, and we might as well start practicing being grateful.  

We finished mixing and mastering our new Christmas/Holiday album at 6 am last Friday, after weeks of pushing to meet our manufacturers’ deadline. And it almost made us feel nostalgically like we were back in college again, pulling a series of all-nighters. Only now we don’t bounce back quite so fast, hahahahaha.

The name of the album is “All These Gifts.”  We will be doing a musical CD release sneak preview the middle of this month, here in the Aspen area, partnering with local charity "Lift-Up" to help raise awareness of their work here in our valley, and encourage generous donations, especially throughout this season of giving and receiving.  

We are told by the Heart Math Institute that Gratitude and Appreciation are on the same vibrational frequency as love.  When we tune into that, and allow ourselves to live from the heart, we are in great shape.  And furthermore, that well-being and beauty influences the world around us.

We just heard about a book by Dr. Joe Dispenza called, “You Are The Placebo.”  How is it that a huge percentage of people get well when they take a sugar pill, which they are told is a healing drug? Dr. Dispenza’s research suggests that it has to do with the Acceptance, Belief, and Surrender of the patient. That, plus Gratitude. Being thankful and trusting in the healing process literally changes the body’s ability to produce its own pharmacy of chemicals to cure the disease or condition from the inside out. (Estimates for the placebo cure rate range from 15% to 72%.)   

So, we believe in the power of Gratitude. We are thankful in advance for your continuing support of us and our music. You can pre-order “All These Gifts” NOW.  Shipping is free until our official release date of Nov. 20.  Just reply to this email and let us know how many copies you want. Then send a check, $20 for each CD, to Slipstream Productions, Box 422, Snowmass, CO 81654.  Thanks!

More about the album: In this collection of songs we bring you the spirit of Christmas past, present, and future, from our point of view….as well as honor and give voice to other mystical traditions that celebrate the winter holidays. Our musical styles, as always, are all over the place. We hope you enjoy the ride as much as we do.

Here is a sneak preview of one of our songs from the new Holiday album: “The Lucky Ones."  Also, just for fun, we give you the "Christmas Bossa Nova."

Thanks, and please stay tuned......
Love from Jan & JD



"All These Gifts" Cover

Upcoming Events

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• Nov 12    Carbondale Culture Club, 12 noon.    1-hour presentation and musical preview of our new Holiday album "All These Gifts."

• Nov 15    CD pre-release event for "All These Gifts." Partnering with local charity "Lift-Up." 5-7 pm    
Snowmass Cottages, across from Old Snowmass Conoco
$30 ticket includes free CD, wine & appetizer reception, and concert

• Nov 23
    Music & Message, Carbondale & Avon, CO

• Nov 30
    Music & Message, Fairfax, VA

• Dec 3
   Advent Concert, Fairfax, VA

• Dec 5
    Holiday CD Release Concert, Lynchburg, VA

• Dec 6
    Holiday CD Release Concert, Charlottesville, VA

• Dec 7
    Music & Message, Charlottesville, VA

• Dec 21
    24th Annual Winter Solstice Concert
    Aspen, CO

Stay Tuned! 

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