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April Newsletter....Creative Surprises

Dear Friends, Fans & Family...

April at last, and things are starting to bloom in Colorado, even though they are having to fight their way up through the spring snows. After a very long cold grey winter here, we are rooting for the flowers.
Here’s a great story about how we should never give up on ourselves or our creative babies….projects, art works, acts of kindness….things we once loved dearly, and then sent out into the world like wild seeds, hoping for the best. Some bloom brightly for awhile, and others seem to go underground or even die out.  But that’s not always where the story ends.
There’s an organization in Knoxville, Tennessee called “Parent a Child” that uses music and videos to find adoptive families for special-needs kids.  About a year and a half ago a fellow musician asked us if we’d like to give them permission to use a couple of our songs. In their words, “Music is huge when it comes to conveying a message and a cause.”  We said sure, and then promptly forgot about it. 
A few days ago we got this link to a video they made using my song “The Stillness of Your Heart,” from the Gypsy Midwife album.  (The music starts as soon as the page opens, so scroll down immediately to the video.)

About 10 seconds into it, I had to run for the Kleenex box. I had no idea that this child, or others like him, even existed. I will probably never meet Chauncey, or the people who put together this video. I have no idea if a family will end up adopting this boy, but if there’s a possibility that my song can help find him a home I am grateful beyond words. I would never have known how to organize such a thing on my own.
Isn’t it comforting to know that who we are, and what we can do, is not limited to the scope of our rational minds.
I wrote that song in the late 1990’s when my twin daughters were off at college in separate far-flung parts of the country, and I was slogging my way through the wilds of LA, feeling like an outcast in that competitive consumer culture, and trying to find spiritual solace by singing at Agape and hanging out at Trader Joe’s. (They had a nice semi-organic fresh produce aisle, and helpful employees in goofy Hawaiian shirts, which felt vaguely uplifting to me at the time.)  (I might have been a little desperate.)
JD’s songwriting career with publisher Warner Chappell was still flourishing then, but he understood my artistic alienation. When it came time to record my solo Gypsy Midwife album in 1999, we found the money to do it up right, hiring a wonderful orchestral arranger (Derek Nakamoto) and a string trio from the Los Angeles Symphony to play on several of my songs, including “The Stillness of Your Heart.”  I have always loved this song, but hadn’t actually stopped to listen to it for a long time. Now, to hear it in this context, makes me happy and hopeful beyond words.  
Apparently the universe loves to invent new ways to recycle. The good stuff just keeps changing and evolving. So, as spring comes on ever more strongly, we encourage each of you to keep on doing what you do best, and never give up. Maybe, like us, you’ll be surprised by what continues to shows up.

Love from Jan & JD



Snow Daffodils

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