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Planting Organic Seeds

Dear Friends, Fans & Family...

Springtime in the Rockies. Here in Colorado new buds are bursting out and the hillsides are greening, even though we’re supposed to get snow later today and tomorrow. We see daffodils blooming at the edge of the dead-looking lawns, and the elk are coming down out of the high country.
We know that we’re always in that natural cycle of death and re-birth, but it’s especially evident this time of year. The Buddhists council us to practice walking with death on our shoulder all the time, but most of us waltz along obliviously and don’t really think about it until we run smack up against it.
Last Tuesday JD’s sister’s husband, Jimmy Cubbage, died of a stroke and complications from an inoperable brain tumor. We all knew that he couldn’t recover, and in a way it was a blessing that he passed away so quickly and with such little pain. Still, it’s sad to lose him, and shocking and hard to comprehend that he’s gone. He was such a great guy.

So now we are hanging out with that un-knowing, and also with the gratitude that we got to know him as long as we did. And it heightens our own appreciation for being alive ourselves. In the spirit of full disclosure I also have to report that even with the best of intentions and a legal will specifying Jimmy’s wishes, there has been some disagreement amongst his survivors about who gets what. It’s always a mixed bag, isn’t it, and we are all so predictably human.
And in the meantime we find ourselves in the middle of Easter week. Interesting timing, with all the depth and beauty of that heart-wrenching and simultaneously glorious story. We know that Sunday morning will bring a resplendent resurrection and a new beginning, but in the meantime we have to slog through the details of the hard stuff. 
So we give you 3 songs for the season. The first, for Good Friday, is “It May Not Be Today,” written by JD and Paul Williams.  The second is for that in-between time, a tune I wrote some years ago called “Saturday.”
And last there’s “Living in the Heart of God.” 

A word about planting organic seeds: Last weekend when we were in Texas, we sang and played a beautiful outdoor concert at a horse ranch run by some good friends there. Our host had been the music director for a vibrant spiritual center, and a few years ago he invited us to do a very fun workshop with his large and enthusiastic choir. The next day well over 70 people joined us on stage to sing at Sunday services and an inter-faith peace concert that afternoon. It was splendiferous.
Unfortunately, a couple of years later a series of disruptive forces tore through the organization of the church, and everything sort of blew up from the inside out. Our friend left his position, and much of the congregation did too, scattering those beautifully trained voices of the choir like seeds in the wind. But, undaunted, many of them started a heart-centered service group together, and kept singing whenever they could.
The night of our concert last Saturday, just as the sun was going down, JD invited anybody who might know our songs to come up and sing with us. There were maybe 65-70 people in the audience. In the course of 2 or 3 minutes approximately 50 people were standing behind us, singing “Living in the Heart of God,” in gorgeous 4-part harmony.  All those individual hearts had kept the words and music alive inside of them, just waiting for the right time, and now the song was blooming again like desert flowers after a rain storm. “Nothing is ever lost, and we are not forgotten……”

So, it’s spring, and it looks like it’s time for all of us to be planting seeds again, especially the good organic ones. We encourage you to keep doing what you do best. Maybe you even have some heirloom varieties or new hybrids to put out into the world.

Love from Jan & JD



April Elk

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Stay Tuned! 

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