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Aspen, Arizona, and Nuns on the Bus

Dear Friends, Fans & Family....
Happy January! Please check our schedule for upcoming events.
In the meantime...Here comes the New Year, and a nice clean slate, a chance to start over again: We resolve to clean out unnecessary crap, to eat healthier, get good exercise, hang out with soulful people, do more mindful meditation, see the big picture, be more creative and hopeful, laugh more, choose kindness. And as Deepak Chopra's kids suggest, instead of "What's in it for me?" maybe we can say, "How can I help?"
Which brings us to "Nuns on the Bus."

Simone Campbell is a top-notch lawyer, lobbyist, poet, Zen contemplative, and head of these wonderful rabble-rousing spiritual activists from the Catholic Order of Sisters of Social Service, who travel around the country in their bus, helping the poor, and doing potent work on social issues such as universal health care, voters' rights, and the income inequality gap. They kick ass. The Vatican has rebuked them for being too aggressively feminist and liberal, an indictment they quietly relish. Watch their new movie trailer here.
Sister Simone is smart and savvy and funny in a direct and feisty way, and she is not afraid to get up into the face of political leaders and speak truth to power. In this interview with Krista Tippet, "How to be Spiritually Bold," she talks about how important it is for each of us to do our deep inner work. But when it comes to doing aligned right action in the world, she notices that we can sometimes become overwhelmed by the sheer immensity of the need, and we end up doing nothing.
"I sometimes think we, in the United States, think we ought to do something about everything and that it’s my job to fix everything. Well it’s not. That’s way beyond us. It’s more important for each of us to just do one thing...just do our part, whatever that is."

So, she says, if we think of the world as a body...all of creation is One Body...with so many different parts and systems, all working together...Then the question for each of us is, "What's my part? What do I do best? Not everybody is an ear, not everybody is an eye."

She continues, "One day I was meditating, and I came up with this insight: I think I'm like stomach acid. Hahahaha. But, seriously. You don't need a lot of it, and it has to be contained, but you can't metabolize your nutrients without it."

JD and I sometimes feel like we are little red blood cells, running around the body singing and playing music, saying "Hey you all, Everything's gonna be OK. Really, it is, Here, have some oxygen," and then, fortunately, we get to race back to the heart and get resuscitated and renewed before going out again.

We would love to hear your insights now that it's a new year, and we can all transfuse each other with nice clean energy and a healthy sense of humor. Thanks for keeping in touch!

Love from Jan & JD



Nuns on the Bus

         Upcoming Events

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• January 13
Singer Songwriter Concert with Bobby Mason
  Aspen Chapel
  Aspen, CO

 • January 21
Music & Message at Unity Church of Mesa
  Mesa, AZ

• January 21
Concert at Unity Church of Mesa
  Mesa, AZ

• January 26
  House Concert
  Tucson, AZ

• January 27
  House Concert
  Scottsdale, AZ
• January 28
Music & Message at Creative Living Fellowship
  Phoenix, AZ

• February 14
Valentine's Day Concert
  Pitkin County Library, Aspen, CO

• February 17
House Concert
  Sarasota, FL

• February 22 to 26
Positive Music Festival
  Tampa, FL

• February 25
Music & Message at Unity of Clearwater
  Clearwater, FL

Stay Tuned! 

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