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Make Believe & Real Magic

Dear Friends, Fans & Family....
First, let us remind you that there are only 50-some days until Christmas. Why not plan to do a whole lot of shopping at our music store? Our Holiday CD “All These Gifts” is a perfect present for everyone on your list. Plus, if you buy one for yourself ahead of time, these songs are guaranteed to elevate your mood, as we all head into this spectacular dark/light time of year. (You can listen to samples of each song on this album and read lyrics here.)
In the meantime, Halloween is quickly approaching. How many of you plan on dressing up? If not a full-fledged academy award-winning costume, at least putting on a mask to answer the door for the trick-or-treaters?
We notice that a lot of us jump at the chance to be someone (or something) beyond who we are in our everyday lives. Halloween gives us an excuse to push the creative limits, and dream up extravagant alter egos for ourselves. The little neighborhood kids where we live show up at our door as bumblebees and baby witches, a few Pirates of the Caribbean, Iron Man, and Zombie Cheerleaders. (I am not making that last one up.)
The grown-ups get into it too. You will see blood-sucking vampires and weirwolves cheerfully bagging your groceries at the supermarket, and gas station attendants with bunny ears. Admittedly, it’s a little disconcerting to be giving your bank deposit to an axe murderer, but it’s either that or the floozy in the fishnet stockings behind the next teller’s window.
Here’s the thing about make believe: There is a certain energy behind it. I personally think that our sub-atomic particles get all excited when we give them something specific and different to do. And possibly if we pretend hard enough, and with a light heart, our imaginings might actually come true. (Which is one reason you probably don’t want to lean too hard on the zombie thing all year round.)

But aside from the macabre, and on beyond Halloween, what little girl has not fantasized that she is really a fairy princess under her ordinary school outfit? And as she looks for magic all around her, before you know it, the magic is real.

Why does everybody love Harry Potter so much? Maybe because we all know we have super powers within us, and that we are heroes in disguise, just looking for a chance to shine. We are all Bozos on the Bus, and at the same time we know that we are made of stardust. Light and shadow, infinite potential, always an open invitation for us to come play.
The biggest challenge is probably remembering to live from that place of deep magic and connection, wonder and appreciation….while staying sane and grounded at the same time. (A sense of humor seems to help.)

In Sanscrit the word for this is “Lila,” divine play. The quantum physicists call it “entanglement,” which means that in reality there’s no separation between the observer and the observed. We’re all in cahoots here. The Sufis sing “Ishq Allah mabud lillah,” God is love, lover and beloved. What a great set-up for a collective movie that we can all star in.
Make believe and real magic….We are always in the “Middle of a Miracle.” Hope you enjoy the tune.

And now, back to Halloween. Time to step into my role as a Tai Chi Star Wars Fairy Godmother.
Thanks for staying tuned.

Love from Jan & JD




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    Music & Message at High Plains Church Unitarian Universalist
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• November 8     
    Music & Message at Unity of the Mountains
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• November 21
    House Concert in Fort Collins
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 December 4
    Concert at Unity of Denver
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•  December 21
    25th Annual Winter Solstice Concert
    Aspen, CO

Fairy Godmother

Stay Tuned! 

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