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Christmas News and Beyond....

Dear Friends, Fans & Family....
Snow in Colorado! On this blessed Christmas Eve, a blanket of white smooths over the rough edges, and everything slows down a bit, a great gift in itself. JD and I celebrated the Winter Solstice this year with our wonderfully rowdy family from Durango, and yet another sweet and soulful concert in Aspen Wednesday night (26th year in a row!)  We sang our Winter Solstice Lullaby as we were lighting the candles.
And of course, we are all besotted with new arrival Lucy Hastings White, who was born to daughter Becky and her husband Matt a month ago in London. Here’s a song Sloan Wainwright and I co-wrote for the occasion: ”Baby, Here You Are.”
I began flying to England on Nov. 25, the Friday after Thanksgiving, and arrived in London early the next day. Becky went into labor on Sunday, and by Monday morning, Nov. 28, we had a new baby girl in the family. Amazing timing! Of course this does not give full credit to Becky’s truly heroic birthing process, which was attended by not only Matt and myself, but also her fabulous Indian doctor, and 2 brilliant midwives cheering her on with the plumiest upper-crust English accents imaginable. It was a deeply thrilling and mind-boggling event.

Newborn Hospital Natasha Girls Front Door

Things get pretty simple, if exhausting, with a newborn baby, who wants to be held heart-to-heart pretty much all the time. Can you blame her? One of my main jobs was to lull Lucy to sleep so her Mama could get some intermittent rest between feedings and nappy changes. Fortunately, I had brought along the first 2 Seasons of Downton Abby, and found that as soon as Lucy heard that theme song and all those English accents, she would conk right out. (I am saving Season 3 for early March, when we hope they will be visiting the States.) Twin daughter Annie is in London now, helping out for another week or so.
Back home and back to the music: A couple of weeks ago one of our local newspapers, “The Aspen Daily News,” featured us and our newly released album “Falling in Love Again” in their Sunday Edition….A 4-page spread, almost an embarrassment of riches. Click here to read.
Also…In gratitude to all of you, we have extended our special CD prices through the end of the year, so that you can continue easily gifting yourselves and your dear ones with our music for another week. Here's an example:  A Celtic Christmas
And so, with clear eyes and full hearts, we wish you the merriest of Winter Holidays.
May true love be born again in our hearts on this, and every, Holy Night. As we face the challenges of the New Year, may we all be fierce and kind, standing up and fighting for what is good and beautiful and life-giving.
“Looking through the eyes of the Wise Men
As we travel through the starry night
May our souls feel at home in the darkness
May our days be merry and bright.”

Thanks for keeping in touch.
Love from Jan & JD

PS....While in London I came upon these traditional carolers on Kensington High Street.  

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Jan & JD Laughing Snow Tree


Jan, Lucy and Garden

Holy Family

London Carolers

Stay Tuned! 

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