Tidying Up & Sparking Joy, Plus Florida Events Tidying Up & Sparking Joy, Plus Florida Events

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Tidying Up & Sparking Joy

Dear Friends, Fans & Family...
We hope you are having a pleasant winter, wherever you are. In early February we are headed to the Positive Music Awards in Tampa, FL, where we have been nominated for 3 songs. Please stay tuned for results……
But we can’t leave January without checking in about your New Year’s resolutions. Have you really been going to the gym, and eating better? Have you been kinder to everyone around you, and feeling more joy in general? What about cleaning out the crap in the garage and basement, tasks that JD and I have successfully been avoiding for years? 
A few days after the first of the year, our plumbing went crazy (maybe because of the cold, who knows) and we had a major flood in the 4 ft. high area under the house, lovingly referred to as “the crawl space.” This is where we stash all the stuff we don’t know what to do with, and haven’t quite gotten around to throwing away. Last June when our daughters moved out of their house in Aspen they had asked, ever so politely, if they could store a few things there. Of course!  What is family for, anyway?

I did the same thing with my parents when I was in my early 20’s and didn’t want to let go of my used college textbooks and all the Penguin paperback classics that had been such a revelation at the time. I figured that reading them again someday would re-kindle that original spark of joy. Over the years my Mom would gently ask if I wanted to clear my stuff out of that area under the basement stairs that I had crammed full of my precious junk. I always had some excuse. Then, finally, after both my folks had died and my brothers and I were getting the house ready for sale, I dived into my stash. I realized that I no longer cared about Freshman Economics, or all those moldy paperbacks. The library wouldn’t take them and neither would the thrift store. I marveled that they had only cost 69¢ back in the day, remembered how different the world was at the time, smiled at my former self, and then I kissed them all goodbye.
Back to our current flood: After the great disaster we called the plumber, and then the friendly Eco Hazmat people who cleaned up the worst of the mess. (I love it that people actually do that for a living. What heroes.) Then we rescued as much as we could of the damaged goods, and set things out in the garage to hopefully dry before we raced off to our gigs in California for 12 days. Some of the books were soaked beyond saving, most notably a paperback of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing,” which sort of says it all.

Now, after all the sorting and re-organizing, we have pared down the excess detritus and put the really important stuff back in plastic bins to go….I cringe to say this….back under the house where nothing bad will happen again for another 100 years.
Part of the angst of this whole process was deciding what to keep and what to let go of. Last Sunday’s New York Times features the author Marie Kondo whose books “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and “Spark Joy” are at the top of the best seller list.  The kindly and self-mocking Kondo exhorts you to ask yourself, “Do your things spark joy? If not, you should give them a hug, thank them for their service, and then send them packing.”
We couldn’t agree more. Happy New Year!  

Love from Jan & JD




Upcoming Events

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•  February 7
    Music & Message at Unity of Sarasota
    Sarasota, FL

•  February 10-15
    Positive Music Festival
    Tampa, FL

•  February 14
    Music & Message at First Unity of Saint Petersburg
    Saint Petersburg, FL

•  March 27
    Music & Message at Sierra Center for Spiritual Living
    Grass Valley, CA

•  April 3
    Music & Message at Spiritual Life Center
    Sacramento, CA

•  April 24
    Music & Message at Unity of Overland Park
    Overland Park, MO

•  May 1
    Music & Message at Unity of Columbia
    Columbia, MO

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Stay Tuned!


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