Happy New Year....Posi Music Awards in Florida Happy New Year....Posi Music Awards in Florida

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Happy New Year!

Dear Friends, Fans & Family....

Happy 2013!  We made it through the End of the World, and the festive too-much-ness of the holidays.  The tree is down, most of the fairy lights have been put away, and now it's back to exercise class.
So what about that long list of resolutions?  We have pared ours down to a few:
1.  Wake up! Smile more. Lighten up.
2.  Practice gratitude and appreciation.  
3.  Get over yourself. Just dive into your deep work, again and again, and do what you came here to do. (No excuses, no complaints.)
As with all artists, (and we are ALL artists) isn't it common to run up against self-doubt, entropy, and the conviction that our work will never be good enough?  This is a given.    The truth is, it's hard work.  What if we don't get a 100% approval rating from the world?  What if we don't make a ton of dough from our efforts, or gather cheering crowds around us?  Putting our best out there is risky business.  
JD and I have sat in our recording studio, after killing ourselves to get a mix just right, and we haven't gotten a phone call back from whoever is in charge of that next important gig, and the bank account is looking scary.....and we go, "We must be out of our minds to keep doing this music thing.  It's too (expletive) hard.  We should quit and go to work at Wendy's."
But here's the deal:  You never know who might read your heartfelt blog, or listen to your tune, or benefit from your kindness.  When you open yourself to true inspiration, and then do what it takes to make it come true....when you make the effort to put it into the world.....somebody out there might just trip over it at the right moment.  And maybe it will lighten their day, or deepen their aliveness, or save their life.

We all work out tails off to do our absolute best, and then we let it go.  Interestingly, it often does come back in ways we never could have expected.  
Here's a link to some stories about how our music has gone beyond us to have a life of its own.  We do this humbly and in complete amazement, not at our accomplishments, but at the power behind the work.  And mostly to encourage each of you to continue putting your unique gifts and talents out there.  
Howard Thurman said,  “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Thanks again for staying tuned.
Happy New Year!  

Love from Jan & JD



Upcoming Events

We are delighted to be heading to Florida this month, giving our Music & Message presentation in Cape Coral  (Sunday, Jan 13) and in Orlando (Sunday,Jan 20)....and then back in Avon, Colorado on Jan 27.   Please check our calendar for all the details.

Positive Music Awards

January 16 thru 20 we will be writing, teaching, and playing in Orlando at the Positive Music Festival, sponsored by emPower Music and Arts.  Two of our songs have been nominated for songwriting awards this year:

1.  The Spaces In Between Us
(Words and Music by Jan Garrett, JD Martin, and Lisa Aschmann)

2.  Center of the Heart
(Words and Music by Jan Garrett, Annie Sims, and Greg Sims)

Please join us if you can.  The awards ceremony is Sunday night, January 20.  You can also purchase tickets for concerts Friday and Saturday night featuring artists from the world of positive music.

Stay Tuned!


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