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Positive Music Award & Texas Tour

Dear Friends, Fans & Family...

We hope you are all fine and doing well in this strange winter of wild weather contrasts.  We will be traveling to Texas this month, playing in Austin,
Wimberley, Pilot Point and Arlington, and would love to see you there. (See our calendar for details.)
We just arrived home from a long rainy weekend at the Positive Music Awards in Tampa, Florida, where we won first place in the “Uniting” category with our song, “Living in the House of the Soul’s Belonging,” which we co-wrote with our dear friend Marcy Baruch. The idea came from the lovely Irish poet John O’Donohue who wrote “Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom.” He says, “To be holy is to be home, to be able to rest in the house of belonging that we call the soul.”  Click here to listen.
Of course we are humbly delighted to have been chosen for this award. It’s reeaaally fun to get all dressed up, play your nominated song for an enthusiastic audience, stand around backstage on pins & needles, and then have the presenter call out your name as the winner. Really exhilarating, really gratifying.
And….it’s a little awkward when you lose. We were actually nominated for 3 songs this last weekend, and 2 out of the 3 didn’t end up winning the award. But they are still fabulous songs.
Musical contests are strange, because the songs are all so unique, and reactions are always subjective. You love winning, but then it can get a little weird because you feel like everybody else who was nominated was completely deserving of praise and recognition as well. (JD was nominated for co-writing 2 songs which both ended up in the same category. This meant he was actually competing against himself. Spooky.)  (Especially since it was the “Uniting” category.)
Competition is a funny thing. It can be the impetus to spur you on to greater heights of achievement by focusing your energy and bringing out the best in you. Or, if it gets too serious it can shut the creative process down, and flatten out the beautiful multi-dimensional tapestry you are weaving with the music.
Both JD and I feel like music is cooperative, not competitive. It’s about generosity and heart, playing together. In its highest form it’s a beautiful tangible experience of mutual support and creativity, bringing through its own Magic, worth much more than the sum of its parts.

We like what George Clooney said at this year’s Golden Globes, as he was accepting his lifetime achievement award:
“It’s always fun to come here and catch up with old friends….And, after coming here for several years, and having lost much more than I’ve won, you start to see a pattern that happens on nights like this. You’re on your way in, you’re on the red carpet, and you’re a nominee.  And everybody’s congratulating you, you’re on top of the world. And then within a couple of hours, 4 out of the 5 of you don’t win. Literally, 80% of the people in this room don’t win. And then you are a loser. And I’m tellin’ you, you go to the after-parties, and nobody will look you in the eye. You go to work the next day, and the guys in the crew say, “I’m sorry Pal, Get ‘em next time.”
George continues, “For the record, if you’re in this room you’re a winner….you’ve caught the brass ring. You get to do what you’ve always dreamed to do, and be celebrated for it, and that ain’t losing….(applause)….So congratulations to all of you….I can’t tell you what an honor it is to be here.”
So, there it is. We love coming home from an event like the Positive Music Awards trailing clouds of glory. This lasts for a few sweet hours. And then we get over ourselves and shovel the walks.
Thanks as always for listening, for supporting the music, and for staying in touch.

Love from Jan & JD



Positive Music Awards 2015-Harold, JD, Jan, Marcy

Harold Payne-presenting award

Upcoming Events

Click here for details of these and all coming events

• March 21
    House concert in Austin, TX

• March 22
    Music & Message at Unity of Wimberly, Wimberly, TX

March 28
    House concert in Pilot Point, TX

• March 29
    Music & Message at Unity of Arlington, Arlington, TX

April 26
    Music & Message at Unity of Fredericksburg,                   Fredericksburg, VA

• May 3
    Music & Message at Unity of Gaithersburg,     Gaithersburg, MD


Jan_Shoveling Snow

Stay Tuned! 

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