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Sanity of Wild Places

Dear Friends, Fans & Family....
Quick update on our trip to Scotland: It was beyond AMAZING from start to finish. The wedding was fabulous….gorgeous, elegant, fun, and soulful….and the people were lovely. We are so happy for our kids! More when we get the official photos back.

JD and I are back at home now, over all the jet lag at last, and luxuriating in the beautiful Aspen summertime. There is both good news and bad news about this. The bad news is that a whole bunch of other people want to luxuriate in the beautiful Aspen summertime too, and that means that the downtown streets are crammed with mobs of tourists crowding the over-the-top expensive shops and boutiques, eating dripping ice cream cones and clogging up the traffic going in and out of town.
The good news is that there are also lovely quiet parts of town, with well-kept gardens and parks to stroll around in, and you can hear the faint and pleasant sounds of music festival students (these guys are really good!) practicing at almost any time of day
Even better news is that just 15 or 20 minutes outside of the downtown hub there are stretches of borderline wilderness with paths where almost nobody ventures. A couple of days ago, I drove to an especially beautiful one just south of the old ghost town of Ashcroft…..a little-known shady trail that hugs the banks of Castle Creek for a couple of miles before opening out into the wide vista of the Elk Mountain range. It was early morning, still dewy, and the breeze smelled of sage and soft green ferns. The wildflowers were showing off shamelessly, and the only sound was the silvery white noise of the mountain stream.
As far as I could tell, no other human was around to see or appreciate it but me. And I was pretty much knocked senseless with awe and gratitude. I feel like these wild places have a way of healing the heart, no matter what else might be going on in a person’s life. And then in turn, the heart heals pretty much everything else.

So, on this lovely August day we want to give you a little stroll through one of our favorite aspen groves. Just go to the home page of our website, and scroll down to the very bottom where the slide show will just be starting.  If you want, you can click on the bar underneath that for a song that goes with it.  Come back as often as you like, and feel free to invite friends as well. There’s plenty for everyone.

Love from Jan & JD



Ashcroft 1

Upcoming Events

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• August 29
    House Concert, Portland, OR

• August 30
    Music & Message at Unity of Portland    
    Portland, OR

• September 6
    Music & Message at Unity of Kent   
    Kent, WA

• October 4
    Music & Message at Unity Spiritual Center of San Francisco
    San Fransico, CA



Stay Tuned! 

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