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Indiegogo Campaign Update with Accolades

Dear Friends, Fans & Family....
SNOW! The season is suddenly upon us, and we realize we only have 2 weeks left in our online Indiegogo fundraising campaign for our new CD project. If you haven't yet visited the site, please go there now, and join us in getting this album financed, finished, and out into the world.

We also appreciate your forwarding this message to friends and organizations on your mailing list as well. THANKS. We are incredibly grateful for your participation & support.
Apparently today, Nov. 27, is "Giving Tuesday." I think some marketing person just made it up, but it's certainly more cheerful than Black Friday or Cyber Monday. And is it a random coincidence that it lines up perfectly with this newsletter and our fundraising campaign?? I think not.
These songs are really powerful, guys. Each one is a gem in itself....fiercely uplifting and energizing, inspiring and hopeful....and the combination of the way they are set in this album is turning out to be a knock-out.
Here's what some of our contributing Angels have to say about this project:

From JC and Suzi Marean:  "Jan & JD bring a beautiful message of hope and healing to a world rife with division. Suzi and I have neither the talent nor energy to perform as messengers of peace and love in the way that Jan & JD do, but we can still be a part of the performance in an essential way:  We can back them up financially.  And that is just as important to the mission as the music itself. 
Please join us as we work together ~ each contributing what we can ~ to make sure this inspiring music is heard by and for posterity.  We can all be part of the backup group ~ even if we don’t sing.  It feels really good!"   

Here's a quote from Puja Dhyan Parsons"My recent experience of Jan and JD presenting their wonderful new songs, and the stories that inspired them, moved me on so many levels. In a time like this where it is easy to feel despair, and when we each need hope and courage, they skillfully led me to the deepest places inside myself where I could turn from fear to love.  That is a place of power for us all. I felt like they unified the whole audience in our commitment to do our best, and to trust our deepest values. Beautiful!
Jan & JD are offering this opportunity for all of us to support their new album financially, as well as energetically. This music needs to go out into this world now. No amount is too large or too small. Please join with us, and contribute today. Put your money where your heart is. Here's the link.”

Jan & JD's Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign
Thanks and Love from Jan & JD




Strong words from Marcy Baruch: "One of the greatest ongoing joys of my life will forever be singing with these two dearest of friends, Jan Garrett & JD Martin. My experience of their music and humanity—their tenderness, fierce vulnerability, radical kindness, and boldness of spirit—is one of engagingly genuine, true communion. In every single moment.

As always, their music and their words (and the compassion, humor, grace, and serious dedication flowing through them!) are simply awesome. Every bit of what they offer, both in live performance and throughout the scope of their recorded works, is given in a spirit of generosity, dignity, celebration, and nail-on-the-head delivery that is refreshing and contagious at every turn.

At this critical time in our history, I cannot think of a better way to infuse the world with what it most needs than through the delivery system of music. Let me cut right to the chase here, because I just can’t say this strongly enough: If the imperative of our times is to evolve or die (and I believe it is), then this new collection of songs by Jan & JD is the music that champions and companions us as we unite in our true greatness—together—in service to the whole. 

This new album kicks ass with tenderness and potency. And its message is needed more than ever… NOW. Please go and buy truckloads of this new CD for all your friends, for their friends, and for their friends of friends. Seriously, folks, I cannot recommend it enough!”

Stay Tuned! 

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